Byron Wein’s top 10 surprises for 2014

Out of all the forecasts for 2014 that we get stuffed down our throats at the end of ’13 and first few weeks, there are very few that I care to sit down, read carefully and think about. Byron Wein of Blackstone is one of those, enjoy the list below and go to the link to read the whole article.

1. We experience a Dickensian market with the best of times and the worst of times. The worst comes first as geopolitical problems coupled with euphoric extremes lead to a sharp correction of more than 10%. The best then follows with a move to new highs as the Standard & Poor’s 500 approaches a 20% total return by year end. 

2. The U.S. economy finally breaks out of its doldrums. Growth exceeds 3% and the unemployment rate moves toward 6%. Fed tapering proves to be a non-event. 

3. The strength of the U.S. economy relative to Europe and Japan allows the dollar to strengthen. It trades below $1.25 against the euro and buys 120 yen.  Continue reading Byron Wein’s top 10 surprises for 2014

Thai Army Chief Urges Public to Ignore Rumors of a Coup

The military has come out multiple times stating that a coup isn’t on the cards…yet…or may never be. Our viewpoint is that we don’t see it happening unless there is a huge amount of violence.

“People are scared of something that hasn’t taken place yet,” Army Chief Prayuth Chan-Ocha told reporters in Bangkok yesterday. “Don’t be scared if you can’t see it. Everything must happen for a reason,” he said, before adding, “without a reason, nothing will happen.”

Source: Bloomberg

Stocks in the news (cpall, hemraj, jmart, pttep, siri, stec) 08.01.14


CPALL enters new year with plan to penetrate online shopping business — CPALL has set up a new company called “Twenty Four Shopping Co Ltd” to cater to modern consumer demand for 24 hour shopping. The company targets sales of Bt4.3bn in the first year. (CPALL, 08/01/14)

Comment: Small overall impact on the total bottom line of the company, but it “should” have an incremental increase on margins


HEMRAJ: has sold 2,200 rai with 101 contracts — The deals consist of 60 new clients and 41 existing clients. Japanese clients take 42% of the new clients and automobile firms 48%. (Khao Hoon, 08/01/14)

Comments: Still by far the best one around in Thailand if you are looking to play the Industrial Estate segment


JayMart to open 45 new stores in bid to grow revenue by 35% – Mobile-phone retailer JayMart Group has set aside an investment budget of Bt1.76bn, partly to open 45 new stores and renovate 36 existing ones in an effort to boost revenue by 35% this year to Bt12.5bn, group chief executive officer Adisak Sukhumvitaya told a news conference yesterday. (The Nation, 08/01/14)

Comment: A constantly growing business, and he’s going to IPO another subsidiary later this year Continue reading Stocks in the news (cpall, hemraj, jmart, pttep, siri, stec) 08.01.14