Taking over streets is legal?

Just out now, the Criminal Court rejects the DSI’s request for arrest warrants for 16 core members of the protestors for alleged violations of the emergency decree.

So wait, if I and a bunch of friends decide to take over a few key intersections then I haven’t done anything wrong? I won’t be arrested for this? Really?  I foresee a business opportunity in street parties…

Source: Bangkok Post

Which sectors drove the SET for the past 7 years

Out of curiouristy we did a quick backcheck of the past sectors that have driven the SET for the last 7 years. Upon seeing the results we do ask ourselves, why bother stock picking? We have to choose out of 550 companies a portfolio of 10 strong ideas, why not just pick a few strong sectors that will grow @ a multiplier to the economy instead? Probability-wise it makes more sense, then again if you’re not too silly you can beat these CAGR’s via making your own portfolio, still something to think about regardless.

Sector History


  • +10% Green
  • -10% Red
  • Excl. dividends
  • Data source: SETSMART

Stocks in the news (bmcl, ck, sena, sgp, ttw, vgi) 28.01.14


BMCL gains from political protest which has raised average passengers to 360,000 a day, +30%. The MD expects a good performance in 1Q14. The Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand is preparing to sell bidding envelops for the Blue Line next month. (Khao Hoon, 28/1/14)

Comment: At least there are some beneficiaries to the protests


Ch Karnchang keeps revenue, net profit goals for this year – Ch Karnchang is maintaining its 2014 targets for construction revenue of Bt30bn and net profit margin of 8-10% even though it appears that persistent political turmoil will delay the government’s planned transport-infrastructure mega-projects. (The Nation, 28/01/14)


SENA focuses on cash after political unrest. It will launch seven new projects worth Bt6-7bn, down from prior target of 10 projects. It maintains 2014 revenue growth target of 20% YoY. (Khao Hoon, 28/1/14)

Comment: Their projects are normally not well-known to most investors because of the location in the outer Bangkok regions or off the smaller streets in Bangkok. But they’ve done ok as a mid-tier developer Continue reading Stocks in the news (bmcl, ck, sena, sgp, ttw, vgi) 28.01.14