Management Trades 23/12 – 27/12

Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 366 mn

  • AP – A director buys THB 68.7 mn worth of shares
  • IFEC – The changing of ownership continues
  • EARTH – A block buy by the owner, there have been quite a few block transactions (both buys and sells) here, no idea what’s going on, although EARTH has now traded up to the mainboard SET from the MAI last year.
  • FSS – See below

Sell(s) THB 550 mn

  • AP – From above another director sells THB 164 mn worth of shares, see if members of the board can’t all agree on timing
  • CPF – The Vice President sells THB 86 mn
  • FSS – I don’t quite understand this…first a purchase of THB 87 mn and then a sale of THB 175 mn
  • IFEC – See above
  • ITD – Directors sell of THB 62 mn worth of shares…..another recap to come?

140102 mgmt trades


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