Stocks in the news (ap, beauty, cpf, gfpt, samart, ticon) 13.01.14


TRIS has rated AP’s Bt1.5bn debenture at A- reflecting strong business position, many varieties of product line, and backlog which supports revenue in the future. (Khao Hoon, 13/1/14)

Comment: Had a good discussion with friends about AP, they seem to be limited on the management side to constantly expand their business and thus the loopy revenue structure of the business over the years


BEAUTY invests Bt287mn in 2014 to add 13 overseas branches and 65 domestic branches which is expected to support revenue growth of 30% YoY and net profit growth of 20% YoY. (Khao Hoon, 13/1/14)

Comment: BEAUTY seems to want to outgrow KAMART


Issuing derivatives via subsidiary — CPF wholly owned subsidiary, CPFH, will issue US$290.4mn in derivatives that will be able to be converted into CPALL shares. The financial markets said CPF is currently supporting CPALL on the ST debts from the acquisition of MAKRO and has appointed Mr. Thanin Buranamanit as the CEO, replacing Mr. Korsak Chairasmisak. (Khao Hoon, 13/01/14)


GFPT targets revenues growth of 8-10% YoY this year — It expects broiler exports to increase after Japan relaxes its ban on broiler imports from Thailand. Its broiler exports are expected to surge 10% supported by the weaker baht. The company also aims to expand its markets in Singapore, Malaysia and Korea. (Khao Hoon, 13/01/014)

Comment: Still a magnificently well run chicken co


Targets 2014 revenue of Bt31bn — SAMART announces 2014 revenue target of Bt31bn with a net profit of Bt2bn. It said it missed 2013 revenue target of Bt24bn but net profit achieved target growth of 40%. It is in the process of purchasing a business and expects the deal to be concluded in 1H14. (Khao Hoon, 13/1/14)


“A” rating for debentures — TRIS ratings rated TICON’s debentures in an amount not exceeding Bt1.6bn as “A” and kept unchanged the company’s own and current debenture rating at “A” with a “Stable” outlook. (Khao Hoon, 13/01/14)

Comment: You want to play industrial rents and REITs, then this is the better option versus WHA

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