Stocks in the news (CPF, DCC, Grammy, gunkul, oishi, umi) 20.01.14


CPF has high-tech food productionwhich can produce safe food and none of its chicken farms have been found to have bird flu. It is ready to focus on exports. (Khao Hoon, 20/1/14)

Comment : CPF has been in the news often recently 


DCC will pay dividend at 100% of net profit (Bt0.95/)after it paid Bt2.55 per share in 3Q13. Its 2013 dividend will not be less than Bt3.5/ share. It aims at 2014 revenue growth of 10% YoY and is concerned about the impact politics will have on its business.(Khao Hoon, 20/1/14)

Comment: DCC has been a wonderful dividend payer over the years


GRAMMY confirms that it has no plan to increase capital, though it won two digital TV channels at a cost of Bt5.61bn. It admits to being impacted by the political situation.(Khao Hoon, 20/1/14)

Comment : that’s because they have sold off their shareholdings


GUNKUL expects 2014 revenue Bt3.5bn, +50% YoY. Its backlog is more than Bt2.2bn. It aims to be a power generator with 300MWcapacityand change into an energy holding company with sustainable profit growth.(Khao Hoon, 20/1/14)

Comment : We still look at gunkul with wary eyes


OISHI will open 5-6 new branches in 1Q14from 50 new branches in 2014. It will do marketing and aims revenue target of 28% YoY. Its central kitchen in Chonburi is expected to complete in March-April, providing revenue in 5-6 years and 300-500 branches.(Khao Hoon, 20/1/14)

Comment : Is the OISHI brand so good that the company deserves such a high market valuation? This isn’t exactly coca-cola


UMI aims at 2014 revenue target of Bt3bnand to expand to domestic and overseas markets. It expects to set up new factories in AEC countries, providing overseas revenue. It has budgeted Bt100mn to increase capacity.(Khao Hoon, 20/1/14)

Comment : Mkt cap of thb 8bn, yes 2012’s net profits were wonderful, but look at 9M13 numbers, I just don’t see how this company can still be at these levels¬†

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