Stocks in the news (hemraj, ktb, lh, ofm, ptt, tpoly) 24.01.14


HEMRAJ aims land sales of 1,600 rai and invest Bt6bn in 2014. It will launch the 7th industrial park, Hemaraj Chonburi 2, in 4Q14. It views the political situation as an opportunity to buy cheap land. (Khao Hoon, 24/1/14)

Comment: Still the best company around, if the stock price drops enough as a function of this then it may be attractive again 


KTB denies rumor it will supply money to pay farmers — KTB denies the rumor flying over social networks that it has agreed to lend Bt160bn to the government to pay farmers in the rice-pledging scheme. (Khao Hoon, 24/1/14)

Comment: This rumour has been bouncing around regarding KTB or the social security office or the etc etc etc… 


LH revised down its revenue target for 2014 to Bt27.5bn and presales at Bt32bn. It will launch 21 new projects worth Bt35bn and invest Bt9bn. It will issue debentures of no less than Bt8bn. (Khao Hoon, 24/01/14)

Comment: A stalwart in the property industry, but only attractive to us whenever there is a market crash 


OFM targets 2014 revenue growth of 15%. It plans to invest Bt150-160mn to launch eight new stores to end the year with 60 stores and also 10 new service centers. (Khao Hoon, 24/01/14)

Comment: We are still wondering if the negative impact of the merger with the Central group B2S and office mate has finally subsided or if there will still be a longer impact? 


PTT says fuel sales are down as a direct result of Bangkok shutdown. The company said that it will only have a short term effect maybe only in 1Q14, but apart from that the effect will be minimum. (ASTV Manager, 24/01/14)


TPOLY prepares to bid for construction of Samitivej Rayong worth Bt400mn pushing 2014 backlog up to Bt4bn. It aims at a 2014 profit margin of 12-15%. Its energy business is preparing to invest Bt2.1bn to set up three new power plants with a total of 30 MW. It is negotiating with the Laos government about two power plants with 40 MW. (Tun Hoon, 24/1/14)

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