Top perfomers in 2013

These were the top 10 performing stocks for 2013, I normally like to do this and see what I missed, why I missed them, should I have missed them?

Its good to kick your own butt everyone once in a while

 top 10 2013

Star (MAI)

Business: The Company is a manufacturer and distributor of sanitaryware products under the trademark of STAR for domestic and export sale.

Thoughts: It had losses for 2012 but a decent 2011, quite happy to have missed this one


Business: The Company is a leading developer, producer, and distributor of sports and entertainment products such as dartboards, pool tables, soccer tables, and fireball tables under Medalist trademark to Japan, Taiwan, and Australia.

Thoughts: Niche business, no scalability, with continuous losses, quite happy to have missed this one


Business: The Company is the manufacturer and distributor of Discrete Semiconductor- Wafer/Dice and Diodes. EIC’s Wafer are both Open Junction Wafer and Glass Passivated Processed Wafer. EIC’s Diodes are included Rectifier Diodes, Zener Diodes, Switching Diodes and Transient Voltage Supressor Diodes.

Thoughts: Ehhh…. 


Business: To provide In-Store media thru digital and non-digital media in the mall department stores group, the company also provide billboard at Chamchuri square.

Thoughts: This exercise is now starting to get annoying, I’m coming across not but crap businesses


Business: The Company operates the business of manufacturing and distributing autoclaved aerated concrete products comprises of blocks, panels and lintels, under ?Superblock? trademark. The Company also processes adhesive product for autoclaved aerated concrete as well as tools and other equipments especially designed to use with autoclaved aerated concrete such as trowels, chasing tools, hand saws and mortar mixer.

Thoughts: Ah finally a company I know! Looks like it was a turnaround story, but never liked the company’s position and I can see it being easily squeezed out by the major players


Business: The core business of the Company is the production and distribution of painted circuit boards (PCBs) manufactured from an epoxy glass copper lead laminate. The Company is now able to produce high quality and complex multilayer boards. The PCB is the foundation component of computers, automotive industry, telecommunication devices and most electronic equipment.

Thoughts: I deserve a proper kick up the backside for missing this one, visited them in early/mid 2011 and liked what I saw, but the floods let this fall off my radar screen and never looked at it again.


Business: The Company is manufacturer and distributor of high quality porcelain insulators products for electricity distribution and transmission lines. The 3 subsidiaries’ businesses are port and terminal service, sea and land logistic service, and also alternative energy.

Thoughts: Yup another potentially good one missed, only looked @ it briefly back in the day, didn’t expect to see its margins double over 2 years. Another kick deserved! Thats 2/7


Business: The Company operates in manufacturing and selling of prestressed concrete wire.

Thoughts: Never looked @ it, never popped up on any screening. No idea about this company @ all..


Business:The Company produces and distributes television programs, movies and provision TV dramas, VCD and DVD with copyright ,service sub-area shopping center Central Plaza Pinklao and Central Plaza Rachada – Rama III as well as operations of concerts and events (IWAVE).

Thoughts: Revenues too small, vcd/dvd business is rubbish, and it made continuous losses


Business: Property development which are currently Element Srinakarin Project and Landmark Waterfront Project including investment in other company named A-Host Company Limited.

Thoughts: Would have never ever touched this one.


So out of the top 10, I oughta be smacked properly for missing 2 of them. Lesson learnt!

But it is scary how random companies, with barely any profits performed so well, ah well the punters involved were happy, as are we to have avoided such odd names

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