What is Makha Bucha Day?

Māgha Pūjā day marks the four auspicious occasions, which happened nine months after the Enlightenment of the Buddha at Veḷuvana Bamboo Grove, near Rājagaha in Northern India. On that occasion, as recorded in the commentary to the Mahāsamayasutta, DN-Comm 20) four marvellous events occurred:200px-Magha_Puja

  1. 1,250 disciples came to see the Buddha that evening without being summoned.
  2. All of them were Arhantas, Enlightened Ones, and all were ordained by the Buddha himself.
  3. The Buddha gave those Arhantas the principles of Buddhism, called “The ovadhapatimokha”. Those principles are: – To cease from all evil,- To do what is good,- To cleanse one’s mind;
  4. It was the full-moon day.

The Buddha gave an important teaching to the assembled monks on that day 2,500 years ago called the ‘Ovādapātimokha'[1] which laid down the principles of the Buddhist teachings. In Thailand, this teaching has been dubbed the ‘Heart of Buddhism’.

Source: Wikipedia

Lifestyle retailing for trendy customers determined to be a good fit for MC

MC Group Plc started its jeans business in Thailand under its own Mc brand in 1975 and listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand last July. Today MC specialises in retail and distribution management of lifestyle products and services for brands under the group as well as other leading brands. Chief executive Sunee Seripanu discusses the company’s strategy and outlook.


What is MC’s business model?

Our company has evolved from a manufacturer of jeans to branding and building a network and now to lifestyle retailing. The evolution of our company required a change in our way of thinking about what products are required, how to test upcoming trends with the market and understand its needs and demands.

Today we are a lifestyle retail company with a diverse brand and product portfolio from apparel to fashion watches. We have more than 600 locations nationwide in both modern trade stores and our own shops and 10 locations internationally as well as a mobile unit and an online shopping business offering special prices on lifestyle items for trendy consumers. Continue reading Lifestyle retailing for trendy customers determined to be a good fit for MC

What happened this week 10/02 – 14/02


  • No way seems feasible for caretaker government to pay rice farmers their dues – No matter what the government does to solve the problem of its overdue payments to farmers, it seems the rice-pledging project may face a dead-end due to its high cost and low likelihood of being able to sell enough rice quickly to cover its obligations. (Bangkok Post, 10/02/14)
  • Social Security fund posted a return of 5% over the past year due to stock gains, however the fund is unlikely to cover all the liability due in 25-30 years time as the population continues to age. (Krugtep Thurakit, 10/02/14)
  • BoT survey: Pessimism prevails — The BoT released a survey result indicating that business owners are pessimistic about Thailand’s economy in the short run, with confidence dropping across the board. However businesses are expecting some improvement over the medium term. (Post Today, 10/02/14) Continue reading What happened this week 10/02 – 14/02

Stocks in the news (bcp, bigc, dtac, kbank, nok, ptt) 13.02.14


BCP expects fall in profit in 1H14 because it plans to shut its refinery for 45 days, reducing capacity to 95K barrels. Revenue from solar farms will bring EBITDA to Bt9.6bn, stable YoY. (Bangkokbiz, 13/2/14)

Comment: A potential trading opportunity if anything


DPS Bt2.55 — BIGC will pay a dividend Bt2.55, XD on 17 April. Its 2013 net profit was Bt6.97bn with revenue of Bt118bn, +14.8% YoY and 5.4% YoY, respectively. It is preparing to add new branches to bring the total to 212. (Khao Hoon, 13/2/14)

Comment: A 1.5% dividend yield, declining growth outlook. We haven’t been interested in this for a long time


2013 profit falls on asset impairment — DTAC reported a drop in 2013 net profit and it is not paying a dividend for the first time. The fall was caused by booking asset impairment. Management expects intense competition and revenue growth of 3-5% this year. (Bangkokbiz, 13/2/14)

Comment: Similar to BCP above, a potential trading opportunity Continue reading Stocks in the news (bcp, bigc, dtac, kbank, nok, ptt) 13.02.14