LTF purchases supporting the market

So despite all this political rubbish, foreign investors selling the market, local investors have buying LTF’s taking advantage of the weakened equity market.

The numbers are:

  • Local investors have a net buy THB 1.18 bn in LTF’s this year
  • Typically in the past 3 years of Jan-Mar, net sales of LTFs were THB 3 bn in 2011, THB 19 bn in 2012 and THB 13 bn in 2013
  • Typically in the last three months of a year, net buys of THB 17 bn in 2011, THB 27 bn in 2012 and THB 25 bn in 2013.
  • Some THB 40 bn worth of LTF’s are redeemable this year.

 Source: Bangkok Post

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