Sector Update 03/03 – 07/03

Well isn’t this funny, financials and prop-con’s are the best performers this year. I think many an Investment Committee would be quite surprised by this. This week we have the MPC meeting and several strategists are expecting a rate cut, which in recent history has led to a market decline, we think otherwise because inflation numbers are slowly creeping up.

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Stocks in the news (age, amata, bay, dtac, ea, egco, true) 10.03.14


AGE selects Apisit Rujikiatkumjorn as vice president and he will hold 10mn shares. It is confident that he will support business growth. AGE will pay a stock dividend at the ratio of one new share for 10 existing shares and says it expects to double revenues in 1Q14 YoY, backed by higher orders. (Khao Hoon, 10/03/14)


AMATA focuses on Vietnam —Apart from running Amata City (Bien Hoa) in Ho Chi Minh City on an area of 4,375 rai, the company has spent 10 years trying to set up Amata Express City on 7,781 rai in Long Thanh city in Dong Nai province. Thailand’s political strife dampened Amata’s land sales last year to only 1,008 rai from an earlier estimate of 3,000 rai, prompting the company to focus more on Vietnam this year. (Bangkok Post, 10/03/14)

Comment: Vietnam is still a relatively small business for AMATA when compared to what they have in Thailand. But the upcoming IPO should keep the stock buoyant


BAY aims to expand to insurance business to Japanese market. It expects insurance fees of Bt14.5bn in 2014. AZAY is not a concern because there is a room for market expansion. (Khao Hoon, 10/03/14) Continue reading Stocks in the news (age, amata, bay, dtac, ea, egco, true) 10.03.14

What happened this week 03/03 – 07/03


  • BoT warns of slump in GDP growth – Gross domestic product (GDP) growth could come in below last year’s 2.9% if the political stalemate persists throughout the year, says a senior Bank of Thailand official. (Bangkok Post, 01/03/14)
  • BAAC plans to issue its own bond in order to finance rice payment, but is uncertain it can raise the full amount needed. (Thai Post, 03/03/14)
  • February inflation hits 7-month high – The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is likely to grow continuously in the following months because of the higher cost of raw materials and fresh foods amid rising concern over drought. The current figure stood at 1.96%. (The Nation, 04/03/14) Continue reading What happened this week 03/03 – 07/03