Random Thoughts: All aboard the political circus ring

We have an interesting few weeks coming up with politics in Thailand:
  • Yingluck has been given a 15-day reprieve by the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC), so by the 29th March she will have to present her defence and then the NACC will conclude an impeachment case -> nothing positive out of this for her.
  • The THB 2 trn borrowing bill has already been considered unconstitutional by the courts and now Democrat MP for Songkhla, Wirat Kanlayasiri, has come out saying that 20,000 signatures will be collected in an impeachment petition for her and the caretaker cabinet to resign 
  • Now Pheu Thai candidates (16 of them) face another legal challenge for “alleged” violation of the election law in regards to their appears on a TV program on Channel 11, which is owned by the state, during the general election. And according to the law, one is not allowed to use state media for election campaigning (doesn’t this sound a bit ridiculous?), so the EC will meet to consider the allegations

These above events must have Thaksin looking like this again.


Sector Update 10/03 – 14/03

I’m loving these weekly chart updates, because despite the fact that we have protests and GDP issues, the market is up 5.7% for the year, and apparently the property market is going to be hurt badly, well the sector is up +7.3% for the year, and banks are going to suffer as well!! But..the sector is up +9.3% for the year, you just have to love it :)

00sum 01set 02mai Continue reading Sector Update 10/03 – 14/03

Management Trades 10/03 – 14/03

Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 115 mn

  • AMATA – Director buys THB 29.6 mn near the bottom the stock price in the past month
  • STPI – Owner buys THB 67 mn also near the bottom for the stock price in the past month

Sell(s) THB 180 mn

  • MEGA – Continued selling by management/directors, this time THB 130mn worth of shares
  • NYT – A simple fantastic business model here, but the share price appreciation has led to selling THB 20 mn by a major shareholder

140317 Mgmt_trades

Stocks in the news (anan, aot, delta, gen, hmpro, singer, spali) 17.03.14


ANAN expects to report Bt1.5bn in revenues in 1Q14, a 50% increase YoY, supported by booking revenue from its condo, Ideo Mobi 4. (Khao Hoon, 17/03/14)


Phase 2 to move as planned — AOT says that Phase 2 of Suvarnabhumi airport worth Bt62.50bn will go as planned. It will draft the TOR this month and to open bids in April. However, passenger growth is expected to drop further in 2Q14 after growth in the first two months contracted by 4.1% at Suvarnabhumi. (Khao Hoon, 17/03/14)

Comment: Thailand’s airports do have to quickly expand, the main issue that the country faces is that the current infrastructure in place today cannot handle more visitors.


DELTA expects outstanding revenue growth in 1Q14 from 1Q13 revenue of Bt9.5bn supported by baht depreciation. It expects revenue growth of 10% in 2014 and will use Bt800mn to renovate its machines. (Tun Hoon, 17/03/14)

Comment: The entire electronics sector has been a good play for investors in the past few months.  Continue reading Stocks in the news (anan, aot, delta, gen, hmpro, singer, spali) 17.03.14