Jeremy Grantham: The Fed is killing the recovery

Wonderful short interview with Jeremy Grantham of money management firm GMO where he basically covers his thoughts on the Fed policy and the so called Bernanke-Put that has helped to keep asset prices high. I do keep my eye out for when/if rates may turn, for when/if the VIX may hit high levels again, for when/if Gold may decide to go up through the roof once the Fed has to sell off all the assets that they have bought, and the potential highly negative impact it may have on equity prices.

In the economic crisis after World War I, there was no attempt at intervention or bailouts, and the economy came roaring back. In the S&L crisis, we liquidated the bad banks and their bad real estate bets. Property prices fell, capitalist juices started to flow, and the economy came roaring back. This time around, we did not liquidate the guys who made the bad bets.

Source: Fortune


Random Thoughts: How big is the app market in SE Asia?

Its reporting time from all the publicly listed companies in Thailand, with the quality of presentations available (meaning they are pretty damn good), its great finding out little tidbits of information like this one from Asiasoft Plc (AS).

Who whould’ve thought that Thailand was only just behind Singapore in terms of daily spending on apps? Can you just imagine the upside potential from Vietnam?



Source: Asiasoft

Stocks in the news (becl, centel, hemraj, ktb, ratch, spali, ticon, uac) 25.03.14


BECL expects revenue growth of 5% YoY in 2014 after a rise of 2% YoY in toll collection in Jan and Feb. It is confident that highway traffic will expand in the rest of 2014. It also expects additional 10,000 cars per day after Asoke 3-1 highway opens. (Thun Hoon, 25/03/14)

Comment: A good dividend payer @ the right price, there is always a short term risk that the government may force lower toll fees during election periods


CENTEL aims at Bt19bn revenue in 2014 after revenue of Bt17.5bn in 2013. Its investment budget is Bt1.8-1.9bn for hotel renovation and setting up two new hotels. It expects to file to set up an REIT worth Bt5bn in late 2014. (Thun Hoon, 25/03/14)

Comment: A B-Grade version of MINT Continue reading Stocks in the news (becl, centel, hemraj, ktb, ratch, spali, ticon, uac) 25.03.14