Feb ’14 Management Trades

Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 127 mn

  • CM – This is an odd purchase as we mentioned earlier only b/c the company doesn’t appear to be doing anything interesting
  • RS – Are the two main shareholders fighting each other to accumulate more shares?

Sell(s) THB 326 mn

  • ITD – Nearly THB 300 mn sold by the key persons in ITD

Feb Mgmt Trades

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4 thoughts on “Feb ’14 Management Trades”

  1. Look trades of Siri. Sompul Sombathwichaton buys 200000 for 0,90 and sells 100000 for 1,86. That’s business. How did he get them for 0,90?

  2. Management Trades: I own CM shares, and was surprised to read that a CM director, Lan Mu Chiou, has bought over 7 million shares. Do you have any idea why he might have bought so many shares? My research has turned up nothing. If there is a plausible reason then I might add to my holdings because the dividend is 0.31 satang per share and will pay out a 7% plus yield.


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