Random Thoughts: All aboard the political circus ring

We have an interesting few weeks coming up with politics in Thailand:
  • Yingluck has been given a 15-day reprieve by the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC), so by the 29th March she will have to present her defence and then the NACC will conclude an impeachment case -> nothing positive out of this for her.
  • The THB 2 trn borrowing bill has already been considered unconstitutional by the courts and now Democrat MP for Songkhla, Wirat Kanlayasiri, has come out saying that 20,000 signatures will be collected in an impeachment petition for her and the caretaker cabinet to resign¬†
  • Now Pheu Thai candidates (16 of them) face another legal challenge for “alleged” violation of the election law in regards to their appears on a TV program on Channel 11, which is owned by the state, during the general election. And according to the law, one is not allowed to use state media for election campaigning (doesn’t this sound a bit ridiculous?), so the EC will meet to consider the allegations

These above events must have Thaksin looking like this again.


  • Over the weekend, red-shirts are holding a “major rally” at Ayutthaya sports stadium
  • And finally next week by March 22nd, the CMPO is likely to agree to lift the emergency decree and replace it with the Internal Security Act, the final decision does lay with the Cabinet which should then be decided by Tuesday (airlines and hotels should bounce even further)¬†
We still shake our heads at politics in Thailand, there’s still zero progress, and while I’m all for following the law, whatever happened to all the cases against Democrat party members in 2010?
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