Stocks in the news (bcp, becl, bmcl, ckp, epco, spcg, ttw) 28.03.14


BCP lowers 2014 growth target to 6% – BCP has downgraded its revenue growth target from 10% to 6% this year due to political strife and economic slowdown. It has maintained production output at its Bangkok refinery at 94,000 barrels per day despite declining petrol consumption as products with high demand growth are the main focus. It will invest more than Bt12bn including Bt4bn in petroleum business and Bt3.4bn in the third phase of its solar farm business with a capacity of 48MW, all of which are to start up in the third quarter. (Bangkok Post, 28/03/14)

Comment: Despite this, its still the only firm in the energy sector really doing anything.


BECL predicts toll revenue gain of 4% — BECL expects its toll revenue to grow by 4% this year because of two new expressways opened in May. Traffic in January declined by 5.92% YoY, followed by a drop of 2.69% last month due to the slowing economy. Even if toll traffic was flat, BECL’s revenue was on track to grow by 4% this year, as tolls were raised from 45 to 50 baht for four-wheeled vehicles last September. (Bangkok Post, 28/03/14)

Comment: BECL is a dividend play more than anything else, and is only attractive @ a certain price


BMCL set for 11% income rise – BMCL expects an 11% increase in revenue this year as ridership continues to surge. Management says ridership should show an increase of up to 16% YoY in the first quarter and It is unlikely to break even until the 24-kilometre Purple Line project starts running and adds passengers to the existing routes. (Bangkok Post, 28/03/14)

Comment: Similar in a sense to BTS, but completely different in terms of capital structure @ the moment.


CK Power in talks for more acquisitions – CK Power Plc (CKP), an electricity-generating holding company under Ch. Karnchang Plc (CK), seeks to acquire alternative energy companies both at home and abroad. It is in talks with many companies to take over alternative energy projects such as solar, wind or hydropower plants with a combined size of 100 megawatts, said managing director Supamas Trivisvavet. (Bangkok Post, 28/03/14)

Comment: They need to in order to justify its valuation.


EPCO invests Bt137 to purchase 24% of Borploy Solar from GEL and expects to restructure the business. It expects this to generate more revenue at low risk and to have a good performance in 1Q14. (Khao Hoon, 28/03/14)


SPCG said revenues for 2015 will be Bt4.5-5bn driven by full year booking of revenue from its 36 solar farms. It expects nine of its solar farms to start commercial operations by the end of April this year. It says the ruling by the Energy Regulatory Commission that solar rooftop projects are not considered power plants as good news for solar rooftop projects of less than 10MW. (Khao Hoon, 28/03/14)


TTW eyes 10% profit rise – Thai Tap Water Supply Plc (TTW), Thailand’s biggest private tap-water supplier, is aiming for 10% growth in net profit this year, outpacing its 1% revenue growth target. It plans to spend Bt1.5bn this year to expand capacity. (Bangkok Post, 28/03/14)

Comment: A well run water company with a decent yield.

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