Stocks in the news (cpf, gel, grammy, mill, n-park, ofm, pca, ratch, slc, sst) 23.07.14


CPF plans to expand into food business in Australia. CPF targets 500 chain restaurant branches, and also looks to sell its ready made meals, which it believes has strong potential. The management estimates CAPEX in the range of AU$200mn spread over five years. (Kao Hoon, 23/07/14)

Comment: CPF is continuing on their mission to be the kitchen to the world, shame about the child labour though.


GEL: revenue growth of 30% from new buyers. The management is confident that due to NCPO policies 3Q14 should see more construction thus additional demand for its products. (Kao Hoon, 23/07/14)

Comment: Another construction materials company that could benefit if the infrastructure plans go ahead.


GMM Grammy, CTH plan share swap to keep lid on pay TV business loss – GMM Grammy will make a share swap with CTH via its wholly owned subsidiary Z Trading in a Bt1bn transaction as Grammy tries to focus solely on digital television and exit pay TV, while CTH strives to expand its viewership and content. (The Nation, 23/07/14)

Comment: Will post thoughts on this later today.


MILL expects to be in the black in 2014 after a net loss in 2013 and net loss of Bt48mn in 1Q14. It targets revenue of Bt16bn and expects sales to grow in 2H14 as steel price and demand recovers. It expects sales volume in a range of 600,000-700,000 tons. (Kao Hoon, 23/07/14)


N-PARK’s board approve issue ordinary shares in the amount of 180,637mn at par of Bt1 per share. These will be allotted and offered to existing shareholders in a pro rata basis at the subscription ratio of 1 existing share to 1 new share (ignoring fractions) at an offering price of Bt0.035 per share. (SET, 23/07/14)

Comment: Does this explain it’s multi-day ceiling hits?


OFM says 1H14 was good. The management will be undertaking some innovative moves to generate better sales in 2H14, pushing earnings to grow by 12-13% this year. (Kao Hoon, 23/07/14)

Comment: The future Amazon of SE Asia?


PCA targets 2014 sales of 350,000 set-top boxes, valued at over Bt350mn. It sold 30,000 units in 1H14. On this basis, PCA expects to see revenue growth of 40-50% this year. Management says the set-top box coupon should help and has already set up a new distribution channel through SVOA and IT City. (Kao Hoon, 23/07/14)


RATCH sells Sukhothai Energy to Sun Rise Energy at a price of Bt54.71 per share, generating extraordinary income of Bt11mn. (Kao Hoon, 23/07/14)


Capital call will not affect operations — SLC says that its capital raising will not impact digital TV operations despite changes in shareholding structure. It expects more net loss in 2Q14 QoQ from additional investment. Management also expects revenue proportion from digital TV to hit 50% in 4Q14 or early 2015. (Kao Hoon, 23/07/14)

Comment: They need even more $ to continue in the digital TV Business


SST buys Greyhound for Bt1.85bn — The SET-listed warehouse provider and food and restaurants operator Sub Sri Thai Plc (SST) has successfully acquired Greyhound fashion and restaurant brand worth Bt1.85bn with plans to use the business to rapidly expand its food segment. (Bangkok Post, 23/07/14)

Comment: Will comment on this later today, rumours say they paid 2x what MINT offered for Greyhound

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