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SET urged AJD to clarify its frequent par splits, twice in four months, within Mar 5 with details. The regulator is in doubt of the company’s corporate governance. (Kao Hoon, 03/03/15)
Comment: This is a positive move by the SEC, its good to see regulators actually be active.

BIG will resume its trading in the stock exchange today after completing the backdoor listing of SUN. Management targets sales revenue growth of 10% YoY with 10 more outlets to be opened this year, adding to the current 237 outlets nationwide. The company plans to clear its retained loss within two years. (Kao Hoon, 03/03/15)
Comment: Another backdoor listing, at least one that was approved by the SEC.

CBG expects its revenue to rise 20% YoY in 2015 with 40% net profit growth. The company will invest Bt600mn to increase capacity to 700mn cans p.a. It will expand its product line to carbonated energy drinks by Apr 15 and more M&As are under study. (Kao Hoon, 03/03/15)
Comment: They had a fantastic 2014, 2015 looks to be the same with the increase in capacity.

CCP expects the construction industry to be on an upward trend in 2015 after the government approves more construction projects. This could increase its backlog from the current Bt2bn, which will be recognized up to 2016. For 2014, its net profit shrank to Bt207.84mn. It will pay a cash and stock dividend as well as split par from Bt1to Bt0.25. (Kao Hoon, 03/03/15)
Comment: In theory, construction + construction materials should benefit in 2016-2020.

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Thailand’s making less babies = poor GDP growth?

Firstly, thanks to KB for sending me this article.

I’ve joked with former colleagues that the increased usage of condoms will hurt GDP in the long term (crude joke I know) but there is a definite correlation that between population growth and GDP growth (in half decently run economies).

These charts from the UN were first published a few years ago and have come back to light again with a recent Credit Suisse report. It’s shows obviously that Thailand’s population is getting older and that in 10 years from now the labour force #’s will drop dramatically. What will be the impact? Simple, if nothing changes, if no new policies are done, if immigration still remains tough, Thailand essentially only has 10 years left of decent economic growth, and then becomes what Western Europe is today, a low growth, unexciting economy.



Source: The Financialist

Management Trades – Feb ’15

Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 7 bn
  • BTS – A trade between father and son
  • RS – Despite the company selling treasury shares the owner still continues to buy
  • NBC – Involved in both NMG and NBC
  • IFEC – A share swap between tnhe two major shareholders
  • SYNTEC – This “smaller” construction co has been able to increase their project revenues over the past few years consistently. i do worry about their ability to take on larger projects in the future though.
  • ACD
  • CGD
Sell(s) THB 7.5 bn
  • BTS – See above
  • BEAUTY – Sale to an investment fund
  • IFEC – See above
  • NBC – See above
  • NINE
  • AJD
  • WHA – I’ve been hearing rumours the the owner has taken a personal loan to buy the RO shares and is using the recent increase in share price to sell shares.
  • CGD
  • MINT
  • CHO
  • CSS

150301 mgmt_trades_month