Stocks in the news (beauty, cgs, fpi, gfpt, match, mc, mk, pca, ppp, prin, rojna, rs, sam, spa, tipco, tta, upa) 23.06.15

BEAUTY targets to maintain gross margin of 69%. It plans to introduce a new product in 3Q15. 2H15 is expected to be good thanks to seasonality. The plan to set up a distributor in Indonesia is expected to be finalized in 3Q15. It expects Bt1.7bn revenue from abroad this year. (Thun Hoon, 23/06/15)
Comment: Since templeton bought in, share price hasn’t gone anywhere, a sign of a peak perhaps? 

CGS is dealing with Neo & Partners Global, a Singapore partner to introduce a new innovation, DMA for investors who trade stocks and derivatives via the Internet. (Thun Hoon, 23/06/15)
Comment: Zzzz no impact on earnings.

FPI expects 2Q15 earnings to grow, backed by numerous orders and the baht depreciation. It targets 10% revenue growth in 2015. It plans to increase production utilization to 85% after warehouse is finished. (Khao Hoon, 23/06/15)

GFPT is confident 2Q15 earnings will beat forecasts. It expects 5-10% export growth and 7-8% revenue growth this year. It plans to expand poultry farms in the second half of the year. (Khao Hoon, 23/06/15)
Comment: Still the best chicken co in town.

MATCH is considering revising down 2015 revenue target because the economic slowdown is leading to postponement of movie production and a drop in ads. (Khao Hoon, 23/06/15)

MC will conduct a roadshow in UK at the end of June. It expects 2Q15 revenue to be better than 1Q15’s Bt910mn, benefitting from demand growth. It is dealing with a partner to launch a new product, expected to be concluded this year. (Thun Hoon, 23/06/15)
Comment: Well…I still don’t care much for this company. I understand the potential idea here 1) Consumer co therefore should have a high PE 2) Fashion co therefore it should have a high PE 3) Will be expanding throughout the region therefore it should have a high PE but 1) It’s not performing well anymore 2) Multi brand multi product biz model will have them competing against the international majors and I don’t see MC winning that game.

MK will ask its board for approval to raise capital by 131.62mn shares on Aug 26. The objective of this capital increase to buy Prospect Development for Bt1.2bn. MK expects this purchase will add business opportunities. (Khao Hoon, 23/06/15)
Comment: So it looks like the new shareholders of MK are going to do a backdoor listing of Prospect Development

PCA has introduced a new digital set-top box, Smart remote 4 HD. Management believes the new product will have a good response. NBTC has postponed the expiration date of the digital coupon for two months. (ASTV, 23/06/15)

PPP is dealing with a partner to invest in a 20-30MW solar farm and a 20-30MW biomass power plant. These are expected to be built this year and start contributing revenue next year. It targets 10-20% revenue from solar roof business. (Thun Hoon, 23/06/15)

PRIN expects to revise down 2015 sales target from Bt3bn and plans to launch three new projects rather than five. (Khao Hoon, 23/06/15)

ROJNA expects 2015 revenue to beat Bt17.83bn with net profit of Bt1.04bn (+41%) backed by TICON and booking revenue from selling electricity. (Khao Hoon, 23/06/15)

RS plans to hold a roadshow for foreign investors. It believes Channel 8 will be primary to support its revenue and net profit. (Thun Hoon, 23/06/15)
Comment: Once the bloodshed has finished in the industry I still think RS could be a winner

SAM expects a net profit in 3Q15 and a lower loss in 2Q15 thanks to recovery of steel price and new orders. It targets 2015 sales of 60,000-70,000 tons. It plans to produce high-quality steel for PTT group. (Khao Hoon, 23/06/15)

SPA announced progress in acquiring a spa abroad, China is the first. It plans to open a shop to sell spa products which it expects to generate 70% gross margin. 2015 revenue is expected to grow 50%. (Thun Hoon, 23/06/15)
Comment: A listed Spa company, high margins, asset light, high ROE, has china, not a bad idea? Now if only the stock was cheaper.

TIPCO expects robust earnings in 2Q15 with 10% revenue growth. It plans to broaden its market. 2015 net profit is expects to mark a record high aided by booking Bt772mn profit sharing from TASCO. (Thun Hoon, 23/06/15)
Comment: The only value in TIPCO is it’s holding in TASCO, because otherwise its core business has been performing poorly, they are spending a small fortune on marketing just to maintain its high market share, but aren’t able to make a profit

TTA will issue a Bt2bn three-year debenture in July 2015 with 2.4% coupon rate (BBB rating from TRIS). Management says the objective is to refinance, increasing liquidity and to fund possible investment in new business. (Bangkok Bisnews, 23/06/15)
Comment: I think the news is incorrect here, the coupon is 4.2% which isn’t that bad with all things considered

UPA’s 6-20MW power plant in Myanmar has started and it expects to book revenue soon. UPA is ready to invest in another 150-200MW power plant next year. It is confident 2015 performance will turn around. (Khao Hoon, 23/06/15)
Comment: Who is this company? I think its worth a look now.

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3 thoughts on “Stocks in the news (beauty, cgs, fpi, gfpt, match, mc, mk, pca, ppp, prin, rojna, rs, sam, spa, tipco, tta, upa) 23.06.15”

  1. Interesting yr comment on Tipco
    We sold out in the mid-teens when they had a crazy run up , not supported by earnings or prospect future earnings, like the the product though

  2. Still not sold on BEAUTY myself. The numbers look good on paper, especially that impressive GPM% but I’ve walked past each of the several types of stores they offer and they are deserted most of the time. Reminds me of how empty HMPRO stores are. I see more employees than customers!

    MC was great for a 30% two-week investment last month (12.40 -> 16). Long-term, I don’t know what you mean regarding high PE. I have much more success with using enterprise multiples. The inclusion of debt into the calculation seems very apt considering the region’s history of horrifying crashes and spectacular rises.

    Would love to hear you go into more detail on these Pon!

    1. Agree on BEAUTY and HMPRO

      Yes @ times mediocre companies can be good investments, we’ve also made close to 1x on them in the past.
      High PE – Generally investors give consumer names high PE and especially to fashion co’s, agreed EV is more accurate to derive a company’s equity value but most people are too lazy to do it.

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