Stocks in the news (arrow, bjchi, cig, cwt, drt, eason, fsmart, jmt, kbank, modern, ndr, nwr, siam, siri, spa, t, trt, tru) 01.09.15

ARROW expects net profit to reach new high over next three years. 2015 revenue is expected to achieve target growth of 20%. It expects no impact from the yuan devaluation. (Khao Hoon, 01/09/15)
Comment: And it’s still continue to grow strongly regardless of everything NOT happening in Thailand during the past 12 months
BJCHI expects to growth from adding to its customer base. Management expects 2015 revenue to grow at least 15%. It expects to get a Bt6.5bn job soon. (DBBNews, 01/09/15)
CIG expects 3Q15 earnings to rise from new products and more customers at home and overseas. It expects exports to comprise of 50% of revenue this year and rise to 80% next year. It backlog is Bt300mn which it expects to book in 2H15. (Thun Hoon, 01/09/15)
CWT expects to net profit in 3Q15 from 3Q14’s net loss of Bt1.55mn thanks to high demand and the baht depreciation. It expects 2015 revenue of Bt1.2bn on the back of transfers. Its backlog is Bt800mn and it expects to add more. It is talking about investing in a waste power plant and expects a decision to be made by 4Q15. (Thun Hoon, 01/09/15)

DRT will pay interim dividend of Bt0.12/share. Management expects construction material demand to trend up aided by seasonality and government stimulus measures. (Thun Hoon, 01/09/15)
Comment: A potential beneficiary from the government’s spending plans upcountry?
EASON expects stable growth in orders at home and from Indonesia. It plans to introduce a new product for existing and new customers. It expects 2015 revenue to be good. (Thun Hoon, 01/09/15)
FSMART is talking to clients to buy ads on Boon-term top-up machine, which is expected to be concluded in 4Q15. It expects 2015 revenue to mark a record high. It targets 60,000 top-up machines by the end of this year from the current 50,000. (Khao Hoon, 01/09/15)
Comment: Still a cash cow growth machine
JMT expects to benefit from new measure regarding debt payment which is expected to increase its portfolio. It expects 3Q15 earnings to be better than 2Q15 backed by debt collection and interest from personal loans. It expects 2015 revenue to grow 20-30% as targeted. (Thun Hoon, 01/09/15)
Comment: In theory they can still grow and grow and grow, the only issue is that they’ll have to continue raising capital to do so.
KBANK targets to control NPLs to not exceed 2.7-2.8% by managing bad debt. It expects this measure to mean no extra provisions in 3Q15. It expects 2015 fee revenue to grow 19%. (Khao Hoon, 01/09/15)
MODERN plans to restructure and will focus on the healthcare business which it expects to list on mai within five years. It expects 2015 revenue will miss target because of the slowing economy. (Khao Hoon, 01/09/15)
Comment: They have been one of the steadiest growers on the thai market since I started working here in 2004
NDR expects to report net profit of Bt20mn in 2H15 aided by orders from India. It is talking to a prospective partner to do a JV and M&A. It maintains revenue target of 10% this year. (Khao Hoon, 01/09/15)
NWR’s backlog is Bt17bn. It expects to bid for some of the Bt17bn in jobs, including the construction of a 40-60MW hydropower plant in Laos with Bt2-4bn in CAPEX. It expects the property business to contribute revenue in 2H15. It expects to get motorway projects. (Thun Hoon, 01/09/15)
Comment: NWR’s story is well known by the market now, the question is whether or not they can pull a UNIQ and become one of the major players
SIAM expects to get a solar farm project from Royal Thai Navy. It is looking for a partner, preparing to get more jobs in the future. (Thun Hoon, 01/09/15)
SIRI will hold a marketing campaign “NOW OR OVER” to stimulate demand in 4Q15. It plans to hold this event on September 25-27 at Fashion Hall and October 1-7 at Central Festival Phuket. (Khao Hoon, 01/09/15)
Comment: The real question for SIRI is when how will they be able to fully leverage the relationship with BTS Group
SPA has opened its twelfth Let’s Relax on Chiang Mai Walking Street with a flagship store which provide spa products and a café named D Bistro. (Khao Hoon, 01/09/15)
T’s board has approved the acquisition of 26 Mercure hotels in U.K, for a total Bt8.9bn. It plans to ask for shareholder approval at an EGM meeting on October 5. (Khao Hoon, 01/09/15)
TRT expects to get Bt300mn in jobs in 2H15 which includes projects from MEA and EGAT. Its backlog is Bt2.19bn and it expects to add Bt750mn next year. Management is confident 2015 revenue will grow despite the economic slowdown. (DBBNews, 01/09/15)
TRU revised revenue growth to 10-15% this year affected by sluggish economy. It plans to produce auto part for trucks in 4Q15 which expected to contribute revenue significantly. It expects demand to rise backed by tax restructure. (ASTV, 01/09/15)
Comment: I do like management’s vision of building an IP for thai products but regardless, the automotive industry is still suffering and their numbers won’t look decent for at least another 2 years.
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3 thoughts on “Stocks in the news (arrow, bjchi, cig, cwt, drt, eason, fsmart, jmt, kbank, modern, ndr, nwr, siam, siri, spa, t, trt, tru) 01.09.15”

  1. BJCHI stock has weakened during the past 2 months. Not a lot, but the trading range has been significant, hi 7.50 lo 6.50 baht. ( which is close to an all time low, since the IPO).
    Volume is low ( and insider family holds a huge chunk of the company. So that may explain it. No news of new contracts. Small amount of shorting at 6.60. I have been accumulating; am now in excess of what I am comfortable with. Anyone comments from fans of this company. ?
    Tia, Don.

    1. Same boat here, been accumulating at sub 7 until 6.5 last week. I was a seller at 7.5 but now accumulating again.

      The beauty of this company is that it has such little debt that if work is light they won’t have creditors breathing down their necks.

      Not sure if this has an effect, but one of their major customers Petrobras is really in the s**t.

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