Stop the presses! The Oxen have chosen!

There is something both ridiculous and beautiful about traditions in any culture, and the same holds for the annual sacred oxen festival where 2 “holy” sacred oxen will dictate the fortunes of the country.

The results this year were that there will be plenty of food and water for agriculture and that communication and foreign trade will improve thereby leading to a prosperous economy and if you believe this then go ahead and buy agri, telco’s and export related co’s (also watch some pigs at the same time). Then again last year the oxen predicted that the country will have a lot of water (fail), abundant food production (fail, unless you are CP group), and a good harvest.

โดยในปีนี้ มี นายธีรภัทร ประยูรสิทธิ ปลัดกระทรวงเกษตรและสหกรณ์ ทำหน้าที่พระยาแรกนา, เทพีคู่หาบทองในพระราชพิธีจรดพระนังคัลแรกนาขวัญ ประจำปี 2559 ในพระราชพิธีจรดพระนังคัลแรกนาขวัญ ประจำปี 2559 ณ พลับพลาพิธีท้องสนามหลวง
Source: Bangkok Post

Stocks in the news (advanc, amata, ea, fsmart, gpsc, pca, qlt, siri, tkn, top, tu, wha) 10.05.16

ADVANC reported 1Q16 profit of Bt8.1bn on revenue of Bt37.25bn. It has 38.9mn subscribers. It will maintain its EBITDA at 37-38%. It will keep its dividend payout at 100%. It continues to expand subscriber numbers and its 4G network. It will bid for 900MHz on May 27. (Thun Hoon, 10/5/16)
Comment: 1Q16 demonstrated the length to which telco’s are willing to fight for market share. Jas never stood a chance, now what about DTAC and TRUE (where we are betting revenues are up and profits are down tremendously)
AMATA prepares to sign a contract for 400-500 rai, which will allow it to reach its full-year target of 1,000 rai. Chinese and Korean investors are interested in its land. (Thun Hoon, 10/5/16)
EA expects 1Q16 profit of more than Bt700mn or growth of 20% YoY due to the uptrend in the solar farm business. It expects earnings in 2Q16 to continue to be good supported by high season and booking income from the 90MW Phitsanulok project. (Kao Hoon, 10/5/16)
FSMART expects 1Q16 earnings to be a new high. It will report earnings this week. It is installing 73,000 on-line top-up machines, which is adding to revenue. It expects profit growth of 30% from top-up machines this year. (Thun Hoon, 10/5/16)
Comment: And the machine continues
GPSC reported 1Q16 profit of Bt871mn, growth of 64% YoY and 160% QoQ, supported by more demand for electricity and steam. (Kao Hoon, 10/5/16)
Comment: If you believe in their ability to capture more MW’s then go for it.
PCA expects revenue to grow 15% from the telecommunication business and plant fiber business plus revenue from the AEC market. It plans to pay a dividend of Bt0.14/share. (Thun Hoon, 10/5/16)

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