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Stocks in the news (anan, ba, ckp, egco, gtb, inet, itel, jas, lalin, lpn, major, nwr, singer, tfd, twpc) 27.09.16

ANAN expects to launch five projects with a total value of Bt13bn in 4Q16 which it believes will lift 2016 presales to reach its target of Bt22bn. Presales are now at Bt14.3bn and backlog at Bt38.5bn. It will book revenue of Bt12bn in 2H16. (Kao Hoon, 27/09/16)
Comment: Same story as yesterday and as it has been for past the 12 months 
BA expects 2Q16 earnings to be good, supported by high season. It says prebooking will be over 13% and expects 2016 net profit to be a new high. It targets 2016 revenue growth of no less than 10% and passenger load to reach 70%. ( Thun Hoon, 27/09/16)
CKP share price surged due to expectation of a 2H16 profit of over Bt300mn or growth of 53% YoY, driven by more capacity from Nam Ngum 2. (Kao Hoon, 27/09/16)
Comment: I’m only thinking when will they sell things off to a fund of sorts, otherwise the valuation is a bit rich for my liking.
EGCO is working with a partern to take over geothermal power plants in Indonesia and the Philippines. It expects to wind up the deal in November. It expects 3Q16 earnings growth as it books revenue from Khanom power plant 4. ( Thun Hoon, 27/09/16)
GTB targets 2016 revenue growth of 8%. It has backlog of Bt700mn and expects to book revenue of Bt500mn in 2H16. It expects to get a new job worth of Bt80mn soon. It targets an increase in revenue from abroad to 20% within three years. (Kao Hoon, 27/09/16)

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Management Trades 22/08 – 26/08

Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 33 mn

  • N/A

Sell(s) THB 2.4 bn

  • MTLS – A huge sale from the owner. Does he not see a continuation of the 50% YoY growth after 2017?
  • TKN – Again the major shareholders sell, looks like a block trade
  • BEAUTY – See TKN
  • BA – Now this is a rarity, a sell out of BA. When will they get rid of their BDMS shares?
  • HMPRO – And he continues to sell
  • MCS – Ohh a first sell from this wonderful steel manufacturer.


Stocks in the news (advanc, ba, bafs, btw, ccn, csl, fpi, gunkul, ihl, kbank, kbs, kool, mk, pcsgh, planb, ptt, synex, thcom, true, twpc, upa) 19.08.16

ADVANC plans to increase 2016 revenue target to accommodate greater revenue from services and a campaign to stimulate sales. It expects the 900MHz license to cut EBITDA margin in 2H16 to an average of 38-39% in the year. It expects maintain its 100% dividend payout. (Thun Hoon, 19/08/16)
Comment: While the dividend payout ratio remains, it will probably followed the trend of DTAC’s i.e. declining
BA is preparing a roadshow in Hong Kong for November. It targets an annual average revenue growth of 10-15%. It has budgeted Bt12bn to expand its airport and buy more airplanes. It expects passenger growth of 20% to more than 1.2mn passengers supported by high season. (Thun Hoon, 19/08/16)
BAFS expects 2H16 to grow on high season. It expects aviation fuel services to increase 8% and expects revenue to grow more than 9% to a new high compared to last year. (Thun Hoon, 19/08/16)
Comment: A great “little” monopoly
BTW will pay an interim dividend of Bt0.27/share or return of 6.46%, payment on Sep 9. It expects 2H16 to be good supported by bids for new jobs. (Thun Hoon, 19/08/16)
CCN plans to bid for jobs of more than Bt200mn. It expects 2016 revenue growth of 20%. It plans to expand to the energy business, closing a deal by the end of 2016. It reported 2Q16 profit growth of 1,009% due to cost management and expects continued growth in 3Q16. (Thun Hoon, 19/08/16)

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Stocks in the news (age, aot, ba, bem, cpf, ea, gunkul, intuch, itel, jubile, kce, lph, ndr, ptt, sena, skr, thai, tpbi, tu, wiik) 15.08.16

AGE expects 2H16 to be good. It plans to do a marketing campaign in ASEAN. It is confident that 2016 sales will reach the target of 2.2mn tons. It reported 2Q16 net profit of Bt29mn, up 4% YoY and total revenue over Bt1bn. (Thun Hoon, 15/08/16)
AOT reported 3QFY16 profit of Bt5.06bn, growing 24% supported by a 20.62% growth in lowcost airline passengers and total passenger growth of 11.08%. It passed more than 90mn passengers through its gates in the nine months and profit was Bt15bn. (Kao Hoon, 15/08/16)
Comment: The bombing over the weekend isn’t going to help matters in the ST, but unless there are continued incidents in Thailand I doubt that there’ll be a permanent impact over the med-long term
BA expects 2H16 to be better than 1H16 due to high season. It plans to open two new routes to increase Chinese passengers. It has budgeted Bt1bn to expand Samui Airport to support 6mn passengers per year. It reported 1H16 earnings of Bt1.46bn or growth of 12.5%. (Thun Hoon, 15/0 8/16)
BEM reported 1H16 earnings growth of 12.3% to over Bt1.2bn and expects 2H16 to continue to grow. It will bid for a new job and plans to list its subsidiary soon. (Thun Hoon, 15/08/16)
CPF reported 2Q16 net profit of Bt4.02bn or growth of 35%, with 1H16 net profit of Bt7.78bn supported by more sales, both domestic and export. It will pay an interim dividend of Bt0.50/share, XD on Aug 23. (Kao Hoon, 15/08/16)
EA reported 2Q16 net profit of Bt992mn or growth of 33%, due to booking revenue from its solar farm in Phitsanulok. It will COD 126MW a wind power plant at the end of this year. (Kao Hoon, 15/08/16)
GUNKUL reported 1H16 net profit of Bt315.94mn, up 42.62% from Bt221.53mn in 1H15. It expects demand to increase and will continue to expand business to support earnings growth. (Thun Hoon, 15/08/16)
Comment: Similar to most renewable players, GUNKUL’s growth is relatively straightfwd to forecast for the next few years. The jumps in revenues will come from new projects

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Stocks in the news (ba, com7, ea, jmt, ocean, ptt, ratch, sappe, sf, siri, tcap, tmt, tvd, xo) 20.06.16

BA expects 2016 revenue and net profit to mark a record high aided by increasing flights, opening new routes and lower oil price. It is talking to four airlines partner about code sharing and expects to expand to 25 airlines in 2017. It plans to cooperate with Bangkok Hospital to provide ambulance flights this year. (Thun Hoon, 20/06/16)
Comment: Thai Airways, Nok Air, have a look at this management team and learn how to run an airline business properly
COM7 expects 2H16 earnings to be good driven by TRUE shops and iPhone7. It expects 2016 revenue to reach Bt17bn backed by higher sales and revenue contribution from management services. (Thun Hoon, 20/06/16)
Comment: The relationship with True was a positive surprise. Iphone 7 launch in a couple of months, earnings should be rather steady for this company for the next 9 months.
EA says solar farm at Phitsanulok supplies more than 693,000units of electricity. Its capacity is 278MW. It expects 126MW wind power to operate in 3Q16. (Khao Hoon, 20/06/16)
JMT expects to show net profit in 2Q16 from 1Q16 net loss of Bt15mn after extending the booking period to 10 years for acquiring debt. It plans to acquire Bt20bn bad debt from financial institutions. It expects this to boost 2016 revenue by 15%. It plans to expand to Laos and Vietnam. It plans to offer nano-finance in Myanmar in 2017. (Thun Hoon, 20/06/16)
Comment: GL part 2? JMART as a group already has a presence there so entry into that country isn’t an issue 

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Management Trades 21/03 – 25/03

Buy(s) THB 304 mn
  • IFEC – Hmmm should we really believe in this IFEC story?
  • BA – And he’s still buying and buying and buying
  • TFG – The Chairman decides to buy another THB 25 mn worth of shares
Sell(s) THB 240 mn
  • IFEC – Nope!
  • TVT – So has it peaked for TV content?
  • COM7 – Iphone SE ! mgmt_trades

Management Trades 14/03 – 18/03

Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 765 mn

  • BA – And he continues to buy and buy
  • IFEC – Looks like a trade between two shareholders
  • EARTH – Haven’t seen buying in this name for a while

Sell(s) THB 198 mn

  • IFEC – See above
  • PTG – Interesting to see quite a large sale by this director
  • VIBHA – Perhaps the best performing hospital stock this year
  • TVT – Does this director think that TVT’s growth in creating content for TV has peaked?

mgmt_trades 160314

Thailand is #1 for China Tourists

And here you go…I wouldn’t be surprised to see 50% of all tourists in Thailand come from China within the next 5 years. So who benefits? It is isn’t necessarily just the airport (AOT), airlines (AAV, BA, NOK, THAI) nor the hotels (ERW, MINT, CENTEL, DTC) but names like BEAUTY have said that they’ve benefited from Chinese tourists, so the question is who else will benefit and be next sector/company that will grow?

Thailand is #1 for Chinese Tourists

Source: Bloomberg

Management Trades 07/03 – 11/03

Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 598 mn

  • BIG – Some THB 160 mn bought by the two founders, a block purchase perhaps?
  • BA – And he continues to buy and buy and buy
  • BROOK – Hmmm BROOK … hmmm
  • SPALI – Typically whenever you see this family buying back their shares in SPALI, implies a very positive sign
  • BDMS – This time it’s another director buying the shares! Then…see below
  • SIRI – Someone else joining the President in buying back shares
  • CM – Are soy bean prices on the rise?
  • SAWANG – This represents ~7% of total shares, wonder what the story is here…

Sell(s) THB 231 mn

  • MEGA – We have never seen management buying in this name since its IPO…
  • BDMS – So he bought some shares @ 22.15 and then sold a portion of it @ 22.35, well ok…



Management Trades 29/02 -04/03

Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 639 mn

  • BA – And he continues to buy and buy and buy, this time 400 mn worth of shares
  • SAWANG – Just a share swap amongst the family members
  • IFEC – That’s quite an expensive way to support one’s stock price.

Sell(s) THB 3.4 bn

  • WHA – Block sale by the founding couple to Templeton
  • TU – Thats interesting to see continued selling here
  • EA – Same as TU, perhaps after all of these PPA’s under EA there won’t be much future growth?