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Stocks in the news (acap, akr, bkd, chg, gold, ivl, lit, lph, oishi, ppp, siri, spa, tfg, tipco, uac) 25.07.16

ACAP plans to expand to Cambodia and Myanmar via subsidiary “Capital OK” and expects to conclude the deals this year. It targets loans to reach Bt3bn after reported 1H16 loans of Bt2.1bn. It plans to issue a new debenture worth Bt600mn in 4Q16. It expects to list a subsidiary on the SET. (Thun Hoon, 25/07/16)
Comment: It isn’t unimagineable to see Thai financial co’s to gain strong market share in Laos and Cambodia, Myanmar however, could be a tougher nut to crack
AKR expects 2016 revenue growth of 25% supported by outstanding 2H16 earnings. It expects 2016 earnings to be expanded by government projects such as mass transit lines, SEZ and property that will support demand. (Thun Hoon, 25/07/16)
BKD expects 2H16 to be good. It plans to bid for 2-3 new jobs worth Bt3bn, of which it expects to get Bt1.5bn. It has backlog of more than Bt1.7bn and expects to book this in 3Q16. (Khao Hoon, 25/07/16)
CHG spent Bt600mn to invest in Ruamphat Chacherngsao Hospital. Construction will begin this September and it will open in 2018. (Khao Hoon, 25/07/16)
GOLD expects to report good earnings in 2Q16 in mid-August. Its presales hit Bt8.5bn for the first half of the year with Bt3bn backlog. (Khao Hoon, 25/07/16)
Comment: The story for this company is rather well covered, residential property sales with some offices and a REIT.
IVL expects 2Q16 net profit to reach Bt2.5bn driven by higher sales and higher spread between PTA and PET. (Thun Hoon, 25/07/16)
Comment: And another revaluation of an acquisition ?
LIT expects 2H16 earnings to be good from seasonality in 3Q16. It expects revenue, net profit, and loan portfolio to grow not less than 30%. It expects 2016 performance to mark a record high. (Thun Hoon, 25/07/16)

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Stocks in the news (akr, chg, dcon, ndr, oishi, siri, tpoly, true, tu, tvt) 06.07.16

AKR is bidding for government transformer jobs worth Bt3bn and expects to get 10-15%. It expects to get solar job from EPC worth more than Bt400mn. This will support 2016 revenue to reach Bt2.5bn. It plans to expand to Indonesia and Vietnam. (Thun Hoon, 06/07/16)
CHG expects 2H16 earnings to double supported by high season in 3Q16. It is confident that occupancy rate will be 70-80%. (Thun Hoon, 06/07/16)
DCON expects good earnings in 1H16 supported by more orders. It is confident that 2016 revenue will hit target of Bt1.1bn supported by construction recovery and more demand. (Thun Hoon, 06/07/16)
Comment: Is there a round 2 coming for DCON? I haven’t looked at the name properly since ’13 but if my memory is correct unless they are doing another property project there won’t be another jump in earnings.
NDR got orders from India worth Bt170mn. It expects 2H16 earnings to continue to grow and expects revenue to reach Bt1bn. (Thun Hoon, 06/07/16)

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Stocks in the news (advanc, arrow, banpu, bts, chg, css, gel, ifec, jubile, lalin, ncl, thai, thani, tluxe, tnp) 13.06.16

ADVANC expects to revise down its 2016 revenue target because of paying Bt75bn for its 4G license. It will make the first payment of Bt8bn with bank guarantee in June. Its cash on hand is Bt60bn. It is budgeting Bt40bn for network expansion. It says its dividend payout ratio will still be 100%. (Khao Hoon, 13/06/16)
Comment: It appears that they still don’t have clear visibility on what the dividend payout structure will be for 2017 and onwards yet.
ARROW expects 2Q16 earnings to be better than 2Q15 because of cost control and high margin products. It targets 2016 revenue of Bt1.4bn with a record high net profit. It plans to take part in conduit project in Suvarnabhumi phase 2 in July. It has budgeted Bt60bn to invest in new plants. (Khao Hoon, 13/06/16)
Comment: They’ve continued to confound most people with their growth, if the 1Q is anything to go by then FY16 net profit could be ~300 mn, ~25% growth YoY. 
BANPU expects 2016 net profit of Bt1.2bn backed by Hongsa power plant. It plans to list BANPU Power in 2H16. It expects to benefit from newly issued ordinary shares which increase its market cap. (Khao Hoon, 13/06/16)
BTS plans to take part in 5 extension lines. It targets FY2017 revenue growth of 10%. It is budgeting Bt7.6bn to buy new carriages and land. (Khao Hoon, 13/06/16)
CHG expects 2Q16 net profit to be good aided by more patients and higher revenue from acquiring Ruampat Rayong Hospital. (Thun Hoon, 13/06/16)
Comment: A smaller BDMS in the making?

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How Cheap Oil and Fewer Nose Jobs Hurt Thai Hospital Stocks

Hospital stocks in Thailand are now trading at nosebleed levels with the sector average at ~50x PE, but what I’ve learnt from the past, just because a company has a high PE doesn’t mean you should ignore it if the compounded growth potential is there. Here are some snippets and the link to the rest of the article

That’s clouding the outlook for Thailand’s health-care shares, which surged more than 800 percent over the past seven years, as valuations start to look stretched amid the falling demand. Bangkok’s Bumrungrad Hospital Plc, known as the grandaddy of international clinics, has slumped 16 percent since early March after patient volumes from the United Arab Emirates, its second-biggest source of overseas visitors, fell 20 percent in the first quarter.

Sitting at the apex of the industry is Bumrungrad, which attracts more than half a million foreign patients a year and has a network of 32 referral offices everywhere from Mongolia to Ethiopia. Sixty-seven percent of revenue came from overseas visitors last quarter, company figures show. Myanmar residents were the biggest source, accounting for 8.4 percent of total patients, followed by 8.3 percent from the U.A.E. and 5.9 percent from Oman

Source: Bloomberg 

Stocks in the news (arip, big, chg, ea, mc, mcot, perm, pt, siri, synex, tacc, tpch) 22.01.16

ARIP expects profit to turnaround this year on the back of expansion into digital marketing arena which should generate revenue around Bt10-15mn. It targets 2016 revenue of Bt300mn. It expects to finalize 2 organizer deals abroad in 1Q16. (Thun Hoon, 22/01/16)

BIG plans to pay dividend after it has wiped out the negative retained earnings. It expects 2016 revenue to mark a record high aided by government policy and opening of new branches. (Thun Hoon, 22/01/16)
Comment: Doubt the sustainability of this, hope for their sake that I’m proven wrong but still have my doubts…

CHG resolved to complete its acquisition of Ruampat Payong Hospital, valued at Bt117mn, effective Mar 1, 2016. (Thun Hoon, 22/01/16)
Comment: The most expensive hospital stock in Thailand today…which does say a lot.

EA expects 4Q15 earnings of Bt683mn (+86%), brought 2015 earnings to Bt2.8bn thanks to full-year contribution from solar farm. (Khao Hoon, 22/01/16)
Comment: Again everything is still on track here for EA

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Management trades 11/01 – 15/01

Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 463 mn

  • BA – And he continues to buy and buy and buy and buy
  • SAM – Seems to be a trade between shareholders
  • DCORP – A first time to see this name on the management buy list, perhaps worth a look.
  • IFEC – Same as SAM, never cared for IFEC, perhaps one of the most obviously manipulated stocks in the thai market with management most likely behind it (of course this is just speculation….)

Sell(s) THB 158 mn

  • SAM – See above
  • IFEC – See above
  • CHG – This director/shareholder has been selling his shares ever since they ipo’ed..in the meantime the stock price has doubled.



Stocks in the news (advanc, ait, chg, cpall, jmart, ktb, siri, tkn, tse) 04.12.15

ADVANC plans to invest Bt14.5bn to develop 4G network. It currently has cash on hand of Bt44.5bn. (Thun Hoon, 4/12/15)
Comment: But the debt portion will increase by a significant amount of pay for the 4G concessions
AIT expects 2015 revenue to reach Bt5bn and plans to get a partner to create a data center to expand its revenue base. It also plans to get new projects worth Bt9.88bn. (Thun Hoon, 4/12/15)
Comment: We do at times wonder, if TOT is out of cash how can AIT continue to have projects from them?
CHG closed a hospital takeover deal. It plans to sign the contract this month. It also plans to expand in the Special Economic Zone and in the Eastern region to serve the AEC market. (Thun Hoon, 4/12/15)
Comment: Boom, future BDMS in the making
CPALL execs deny knowledge of MAKRO deal. The top executive of SET-listed CP All Plc who has been fined more than 30 million baht for insider trading has denied he had any knowledge the company was interested in acquiring Siam Makro Plc when he bought its shares. (Khao Hoon, 4/12/15)
Comment:  More comments to come later on this

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Stocks in the news (03.11.15)

Beauty expects 4Q15 earnings to be peak on the back of seasonality. It expects 2015 revenue to achieve target of Bt1.7bn (20% growth). It is considering expanding to Asian countries in 2016. It expects this to raise its exports. (Thun Hoon, 03/11/15)
Comment: Given that management continually says the Chinese tourists are one of their biggest customers, it’s no surprise that 4Q should be peak.
CHG has budgeted Bt200mn to take over a hospital on the outskirts of Bangkok which is expected to be finalized this year. It plans to expand upcountry, with full coverage to handle AEC by 2016. It expects to complete 1-2 deals in 2016. (Thun Hoon, 03/11/15)
Comment: BDMS vs CHG, finally some competition. 
DTAC expects 4Q15 earnings to be this year’s highest on seasonality. It has kicked off 4G – 1800MHz (using 10MHz) and 4G-2100MHz (using 5MHz), starting in inner CBD. It expects this to increase 4G subscribers to 2.5mn by the end of this year. (Khao Hoon, 03/11/15)
Comment: Will telenor sell it’s stake? Just wondering aloud if I were to buy DTAC as a company versus just as a dividend play what would I value it at…

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Stocks in the news (21.10.15)


CHG expects to acquire one hospital this year. It expects 1-2 deals to be concluded next year. It expects its expansion plan to raise revenue by 18-20% this year from 2014’s Bt2.7bn. It expects net profit to grow 15% from 2014’s 480mn. Both local and foreign investors are interested in CHG shares. (Thun Hoon, 21/10/15)
Comment: Hence why CHG being viewed as a future BDMS. It does beg the question, why did management sell so many shares between 11-12 baht (pre stock split)

COM7 expects to benefit from launch of iPhone 6S. It expects this to increase sales and net profit in 4Q15. It expects 3Q15 earnings of Bt59mn. It expects 2015 net profit of Bt271mn (+29%). (Khao Hoon, 21/10/15)
Comment: As commented yesterday, buy on the Iphone releases (we call this funnymentals)

CPN expects 2015 revenue to grow 10%. It plans to open CentralFestival Eastville valued at Bt6bn on Nov 27. It has budgeted Bt300mn for a marketing campaign to boost sales in 4Q15. (Khao Hoon, 21/10/15)

DRT expects 2015 net profit to be better than last year. It targets 2016 revenue growth of 5%. It expects government stimulus to lift sales in 4Q15. It plans to increase capacity. (Thun Hoon, 21/10/15)

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Stocks in the news (chg, dtac, ecf, ifec, irpc, kbank, ldc, ptg, ptt, pttep, scn, seaoil, sena, tisco, tpoly, trc, uac) 18.09.15

CHG expects 3Q15 earnings to mark a record high on the back of seasonality. It expects 2015 revenue growth to achieve its target of 15%. (Thun Hoon, 18/09/15)
Comment: Still don’t quite understand why this specific stock has suddenly re-rated. BH is trading @ 50x, this one at 42x trailing pe, it does just boggle the mind
DTAC plans to launch 4G wireless broadband service on 10 MHz of its 1,800MHz frequency soon, pending formal approval from relevant state agencies to utilize the band to provide the 4G service. (The Nation, 18/09/15)
ECF expects 2015 net profit to be better than 2014’s Bt69.88mn aided by high demand, the baht weakening, and lower materials cost. It expects net margin of 6.5%-7%. It is considering expanding capacity for new orders. (Khao Hoon, 18/09/15)
IFEC expects 2015 revenue of Bt10bn with Bt300-400mn net profit. It targets capacity of 60- 100MW this year by expanding to Laos and Korea. It targets total capacity of 100MW in 2018. (Khao Hoon, 18/09/15)
Comment: Right…with THB 400 mn of revenue in the 1H15. 

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