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Management Trades 17/11 – 21/11

Notable Transactions

Buy(s): THB 907 mn

  • GFM – Interesting transaction with nearly THB 400 mn bought by key management
  • IFEC – A swap in shares between the CEO & the Chairman by the looks of this. Now IFEC…if you build out a financial model based upon every dream they say they will achieve today, then its not worth more than THB 7-8/share
  • RS – And the man keeps buying shares, basically RS will continue to benefit IF their digital TV channel continues to gain in popularity and as a function of this their ad rates can increase 2-3x

Sell(s) THB 640 mn

  • BSM – The director sold off a substantial stake, close to 5% of total shares.
  • DNA – DNA an obviously manipulated stock price – a Director sells off THB 83 mn worth of shares
  • IFEC – See above
  • MONO – Same person behind JAS, he’s chairman of Mono and sells off THB 59 mn worth of shares, not surprising, there’s basically zero business in Mono today and its trading @ THB 12 bn
  • NMG – Chairman sells of THB 85 mn worth of shares

141123 Mgmt_trades

August Management Transactions

Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 1.1 bn

  • EARTH – Huge purchase of THB 237 mn by the Chairman & CEO
  • GFM – Family transactions
  • IVL – Heinecke, a board member, purchases THB 22mn
  • KKP – A whole bunch of purchases by directors/management
  • NBC – The President buys THB 231 mn
  • PACE – Hmm no comment, purchase made the founders THB 47 mn
  • PS – Founder, K. Thongma, buys THB 50 mn

Sell(s) THB 884 mn

  • CHG – Odd to see such a major sale @ THB 89 mn for this co
  • GFM – See above
  • NMG – See above
  • ROCK – A big sale of shares by the Chariman, THB 47 mn


Management Trades – July 2013

Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 1.15 bn

  • GFM – Change in ownership between family members
  • MINT – Heinicke buying more shares worth THB 30mn
  • NMG – This director obviously has a lot of faith in the digital tv business, THB 100 mn worth of shares bought
  • POST – The Chairman buys THB 80mn
  • RS – Director betting on the digital tv idea as well.
  • SIRI – Hmmm buying/selling shares @ the same price on the market?

Sell(s) THB 1.68 bn

  • BLA – Its a good business however declining growth, no surprise the family/director is selling
  • BTS – Most likely a block sale
  • GFM – See above
  • IFEC – I’m under the impression this company is having a change of ownership
  • NMG – Guessing he sold shares to subscribe to the cap increase
  • PAE – The ultimate xmas tree styled stock chart, MD sells THB 87mn worth of shares
  • SIRI – See above

130806 mgmt trades july 2013