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LVT cements its market niche

Originally published Friday 22nd June 2012

LV Technology Plc was founded in 1996 by Hans Jorgen Nielsen, a Danish engineer who has more than 30 years of experience in the cement industry. LVT was founded based on a new and revolutionary power-saving technology for the grinding process, for which it has supplied more than 700 units in 75 countries. It has since developed into a company that supplies complete cement plants worldwide. Mr Nielsen discusses the company’s strategy and outlook.

What is LVT’s business model?

LVT is an engineering company within the cement industry. Over the past few years we have made a natural progression from providing pure cement plant engineering services to incorporating our engineering skill and technological know-how into delivering completely built cement plants to our customers.

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New chapter in my professional life

I’ve just been elected to the Board of LV Technology Plc (source: The Stock Exchange of Thailand : News Detail http://bit.ly/wikIqe) and I feel truly honoured. In my short career I’ve been lucky enough to analyse businesses, financial re-structurings, invest publicly, invest privately, manage a company of 400 employees, sit on the board of a private company and now this opportunity.

Regarding LV Technology Plc (LVT), its a company I’ve known for quite a number of years and do believe that it has great potential despite its ups and downs over the past few years, but I can’t post anything more about now given this appointment.

I can’t wait for the first board meeting, I can’t wait to see if I can add value to a public company’s business, I am truly excited and looking forward to this and hope to be a part of this growing company for a long long time… Thank you Mr. Nielsen!

Détente and the Myanmar spring?

My good friend Roger, who’s doing his PhD specifically on Myanmar recently wrote this paper on the developments there today. It’s a country that is going to grow extremely quickly, my only fear for them is that the government takes a short term viewpoint to the country’s future, although I’ve been assured by several parties that this isn’t the case which is fantastic to hear. 

A lot of publicly-listed thai companies have already expanded into Burma (ITD, LVT, GUNKUL, SCB, CPF, amongst others..)

Enjoy reading!

Détente and the Myanmar spring?

Author: Roger Lee Huang, City University of Hong Kong

President Thein Sein’s actions over the last few months suggest he is a skillful leader who has the ability to balance the push for critical reforms while also preventing a backlash from more conservative elements within the military. Continue reading Détente and the Myanmar spring?

Foreign Shareholding impact on Thai Stocks

Tracking foreign investors in Thailand is a necessity as they do have a substantial impact on the SET. We do this daily/monthly/quarterly by monitoring the change in NVDR holdings in Thai equities.

fyi: NVDR holdings, Non-Voting Depository Rights, are a vehicle in Thailand for non-thai investors to buy shares in Thai Equities. It is tracked daily by the Stock Exchange of Thailand

Without giving too much away we’ll just show the top 10 mkt cap, some fav’s of ours and the max percentage increase/decrease of changes in NVDR holdings. The period of this is from 30/08/11 to 28/09/11 .

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