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Lifestyle retailing for trendy customers determined to be a good fit for MC

MC Group Plc started its jeans business in Thailand under its own Mc brand in 1975 and listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand last July. Today MC specialises in retail and distribution management of lifestyle products and services for brands under the group as well as other leading brands. Chief executive Sunee Seripanu discusses the company’s strategy and outlook.


What is MC’s business model?

Our company has evolved from a manufacturer of jeans to branding and building a network and now to lifestyle retailing. The evolution of our company required a change in our way of thinking about what products are required, how to test upcoming trends with the market and understand its needs and demands.

Today we are a lifestyle retail company with a diverse brand and product portfolio from apparel to fashion watches. We have more than 600 locations nationwide in both modern trade stores and our own shops and 10 locations internationally as well as a mobile unit and an online shopping business offering special prices on lifestyle items for trendy consumers. Continue reading Lifestyle retailing for trendy customers determined to be a good fit for MC

MC Group has two new institutional investors


On the 13th January, MC Group (ticker: MC) announced two new major shareholders, both are well known long-term investment group, Lombard through its investment vehicle, Mindo Asia Investment Ltd and NTAsian Discovery Fund.

So what?

  • Well both groups are run by smart fellows, Lombard is well-known within Thailand for its holdings in Ticon, CPN, AS, SAT, SNC amongst several others, investments that all generally have done rather well. NT is a new kid on the block when compared to Lombard (who has been around since ’97 if I remember correctly), but they have a good track record when it comes to investing in the public markets. So if they believe in the long term story here, should we be paying close attention?


Source: MC Group