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Stocks in the news (ais, ait, beauty, css, emc, forth, genco, hmpro, ivl, itd, mdx, nbc, nlc, pstc, pttgc, qh, scn, sgp, smart, spcg, tfd, thai, thcom) 10.08.15

AIS pushes for joint venture with TOT, Mobile leader wants to rent telecom towers – Mobile leader Advanced Info Service Plc (AIS) has submitted a joint-venture proposal to TOT Plc to operate telecom tower sites after its mutual second-generation (2G) mobile concession expires next month. (Bangkok Post, 10/8/15)
Comment: Well they need it given the expiration of its concessions and in the case that 4G may (or not) be postponed

2Q15 earnings dropped 13%QoQ and 56%YoY hit by decreasing backlog and inefficient cost control. It plans to pay an interim dividend of Bt0.55/share. (ASTV, 10/08/15)
Comment: AIT – once a darling, it’s being hurt along with anyone else that relies upon government projects for their revenues, but it doesn’t change the fact that once the government becomes operational AIT will be a major beneficiary given the continued investment in IT by Thailand.

BEAUTY expects 2Q15 earnings of Bt61mn. Its CEO says 2015 revenue will achieve 20% target growth backed by high demand locally and overseas. (Thun Hoon, 10/08/15)

CSS’ board has approved an interim dividend of Bt0.1/share, XD on Aug 21, PD on Sep 7. It reported 2Q15 earnings of Bt68mn (+44.92%YoY). 1H15 net profit was Bt131mn (96% growth). (Khao Hoon, 10/08/15)

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Management Trades – Feb ’15

Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 7 bn
  • BTS – A trade between father and son
  • RS – Despite the company selling treasury shares the owner still continues to buy
  • NBC – Involved in both NMG and NBC
  • IFEC – A share swap between tnhe two major shareholders
  • SYNTEC – This “smaller” construction co has been able to increase their project revenues over the past few years consistently. i do worry about their ability to take on larger projects in the future though.
  • ACD
  • CGD
Sell(s) THB 7.5 bn
  • BTS – See above
  • BEAUTY – Sale to an investment fund
  • IFEC – See above
  • NBC – See above
  • NINE
  • AJD
  • WHA – I’ve been hearing rumours the the owner has taken a personal loan to buy the RO shares and is using the recent increase in share price to sell shares.
  • CGD
  • MINT
  • CHO
  • CSS

150301 mgmt_trades_month

Management Trades 23/02 – 28/02

Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 139 mn

  • SAMTEL – A director buys a sizeable portion, SAMTEL did have so-so earnings in 2014, but are expected to win several government projects in 2015.
  • NMG – The Vice Chairman continues to buy sizeable stakes in his business.

Sell(s) THB 280 mn7

  • NINE – The major shareholder (chairman) decides to sell off close to 65% of total shares, no word on who the buyer is.
  • NBC – The Vice Chairman of NMG is a Director here as well and sells off 3% of total shares.
  • MINT – Interesting, who would heinecke sell his warrants to?
    TICON –

150301 mgmt_trades_week

Stocks in the news (Aot, cpf, dtac, grammy, hemraj, mcot, mint, nbc, pace, pf, ptt, scp, dcon, symc, trc, true) 11.02.15

U-Tapao to be developed for commercial use — The Transportation Ministry says that Airportd of Thailand (AOT) and U-Tapao airport will coordinate to develop U-Tapao airport for commercial aircraft and passengers. Currently, U-Tapao airport serves only charter flights with passengers at 100K/year, far below its capacity at 800K/year. They plan to sign an MoU soon. AOT will act as consultant for operations and marketing strategy. (Matichon,11/02/15)

CPF expects revenues growth at 10% this year or Bt43bn driven by growing overseas business. (KhaoHoon,11/02/15)
Comment: The issue with CPF is two fold, its aquamarine biz is still performing poorly and the earnings from cpall are still crap.

DTAC announced 2014 net profit of Bt10.7bn, up 1.5% YoY. It announced a dividend of Bt2.34/share for 4Q14 or Bt6.91/share for 2014. For 2015, it expects revenue to continue to grow and set capex at Bt14bn. (KhaoHoon,11/02/15)
Comment: That’s a pretty nice dividend!

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Management Trades – Dec ’14

Given the way December ’14 performed I thought it would be more interesting to present all the transactions that occurred during the month.

Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 6bn


Sell(s) THB 10 bn


december14 trades

September 2013 Management Trades

Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 2.2 bn
  • GRAMMY – Owner buys THB 347 mn, likely through the recap for the digital tv bidding
  • IEC – Interesting purchase here, IEC has just announced a warrant issue
  • KMC – A prop recap play here, new owner buys THB 39 mn in the markets
  • MC – Management has been quite active purchasing their shares below IPO price
  • NBC – Similar to Grammy, its a recap, digital tv play
  • POST – See above
  • SVI – The owner simply transfers shares into his own name
  • TFD – We’ve been told this major transaction by TFD was also a transfer of shares
  • TVD – hmmmm interesting a director purchases THB 27.4mn
Sell(s) THB 662 mn
  • BLA – K. Chai has been selling and selling whenever the price is above 60
  • BNC –  BNC is a NP stock, must’ve been an off the market transaction
  • CCP – Chairman sells thb 56 mn….hmmm, brokers were loving this company @ the beginning of the year 
  • CEN – Chairman and CEO sells THB 66 mn, 2013 has been a wonderful year for the company, only because of political reasons perhaps?
  • CHG – I’m still thinking he’s selling to BGH, THB 200 mn worth of shares sold in September
  • GC – Used to quite like this company back in the mid 2000’s, former director sold shares and stepped down
  • MINT – Owner’s good friend and a director sells THB 27 mn 
  • NBC – See above 
September 2013 Management transactions

August Management Transactions

Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 1.1 bn

  • EARTH – Huge purchase of THB 237 mn by the Chairman & CEO
  • GFM – Family transactions
  • IVL – Heinecke, a board member, purchases THB 22mn
  • KKP – A whole bunch of purchases by directors/management
  • NBC – The President buys THB 231 mn
  • PACE – Hmm no comment, purchase made the founders THB 47 mn
  • PS – Founder, K. Thongma, buys THB 50 mn

Sell(s) THB 884 mn

  • CHG – Odd to see such a major sale @ THB 89 mn for this co
  • GFM – See above
  • NMG – See above
  • ROCK – A big sale of shares by the Chariman, THB 47 mn


Stocks in the news (banpu, lpn, nbc, pjw, pttep, pttgc) 22.02.13


Buyback boosts Banpu share price – The SET-listed Banpu Plc, ASEAN’s leading coal miner, announced a Bt6.15bn share buyback plan yesterday, a move that rallied its share price after its net profit dropped last year on weakening coal prices. (Bangkok Post, 22/02/13)

Comment: While good on a ST basis, it doesn’t cloud the fact that Banpu sold off part of its business 2 years ago, hence why EPS can’t return to its former hey days


LPN looks for Bt2bn plus in revenue in 1Q13 — LPN says that it expects more than Bt2bn in revenue in 1Q13 and expects revenue in 2Q13 and 3Q13 to jump to over Bt10bn due to higher number of unit transfers. The company is to launch a large condominium project located in Rangsit Klong 1 worth Bt6bn in 2Q13. (Khao Hoon, 22/02/13)

Comment: Great co, great management, well placed, bloody exp stock price.


Expects 15% growth in 2013 revenue — NBC expects revenues for 2013 to increase by 15% from last year’s Bt547.31mn, supported by strong growth in the media industry. The company has also given the green light to increase capital by issuing 541.84mn new shares at rights of 1 old to 2 new at an offering price of Bt3/share. The proceeds will be used to bid for a TV digital license at the auction that will be held in March. (Tun Hoon, 22/02/13)

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