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Stocks in the news (05.11.15)


The company targets private loan portfolio of over Bt2.5bn in 2016. It has opened four new branches this year and plans to reach total of 15 branches next year, with an additional 50 booths in 2016. (Thun Hoon, 5/11/15)

AJD announced it has begun preliminary investment talks with Alibaba Group, but has not yet reached any agreement. It is engaged in another investment deal in the logistics business with YTO Express which should be concluded by end-2015, after which it will be submitted to the board for approval. (Thun Hoon, 5/11/15)

The company is confident it will turn to profitability by 4Q15, driven by Thailand Com Mart exhibition before yearend. (Thun Hoon, 5/11/15)

The company said it has backlog of Bt90bn and plans to realize revenue of Bt8-9bn in 4Q15. It is confident it will secure more backlog from government infrastructure projects, expecting to win 20-25% of a total value of Bt100bn. (Thun Hoon, 5/11/15)
Comment: Two things, 1) Infra projects 2) BMCL and BECL merging

Suwanee Homecenter plans IPO in Lao Securities Exchange. Executives plan for roadshow in November. (Thun Hoon, 5/11/15)
Comment: This could explain some of the strength in the stock price despite earnings being average at best. Still consider it to be a poor version of HMPRO, it’s inventory turnover is atrocious

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Stocks in the news (ajp, apcs, big, btc, bts, cho, cpl, demco, forth, fvc, grammy, kpn, lit, match, mtls, nwr, pae, pap, ps, rwi, sawad, seafco, spi, true, upa) 26.06.15

AJP plans to launch new TV program on free TV after getting a three-year license for an international sports program. It expects to complete the deal for a waste power plant project at the end of June. It believes it will show a net profit this year, backed by this project. (Thun Hoon, 26/06/15)
Comment: AJP has a TV program channel + a waste power plant, again the synergies here are amazing, can you imaging the future potential of the shows, documentaries on waste power plants!!! You just have to believe. All kidding aside, while this doesn’t have any synergies at all, waste to power can be incredibly lucrative.

APCS expects no impact from becoming a major shareholder of Advance web studio. It targets 10% revenue growth this year. (Thun Hoon, 26/06/15)

BIG expects 2Q15 earnings to surge, benefitting from increase in mirror-less camera sales. It plans to introduce a new product to add to its revenue. (Khao Hoon, 26/06/15)

BTC shareholders approved a capital increase via PP. It plans to invest in three businesses: alternative energy, logistics and infrastructure construction via JV and takeover. (Thun Hoon, 26/06/15)
Comment: So a terminal business switches to power + infrastructure, ok…see AJP comments above

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Management Trades – July 2013

Notable Transactions

Note: All transactions highlighted are above THB 20 mn in value

Buy(s) THB 2.2 bn

  • MC – Basically a swap of shareholding between husband and wife
  • CGD – They have the news of their massive property projects going ahead, plus a potential REIT in the future.
  • PICNI – CP Group buying into Picni?
  • WHA – Has been the best performing industrial real estate firm
  • NWR – Once the infrastructure projects go ahead, this company will do well
  • VGI – A monopoly on the BTS, plus MACO, plus retailers.
  • PPS – Interesting to see a Director buy a big stake in this relatively small co

Sell(s) THB 3.2 bn

  • MC – See above
  • ACAP – The stock price had shot up during this period, hence why management most likely sold out.
  • OCEAN – n/a
  • TPIPL – The upcoming capacity increases have made this company worth THB 14-16 depending upon who you are talking to.,
  • ABC – Reverse IPO somehow led to the stock price being run up even though there are no profits,
  • BANPU – Simple, there isn’t any growth coming out of BANPU
  • TPGRO – This company has done a recap twice and there’s still nothing to show for it.
  • NYT – Issue for volume growth without a new site.
  • PS – A wonderful performing property co, stock price has been one of the star performers this year
  • BLA – I’ve been wrong on the Bancassurance growth for a long time
  • AEC – Newly listed securities co, they have been buying brokers left right and center,
  • SPI – N/a
  • LH – Well, perhaps the best property company in Thailand but growth is sub par when compared to others.
  • PTG – A long time story that I like actually

140806 monthly_mgmt_trades

Management Trades 19.11.12 to 23.11.12

Notable Transactions:


  • CPF – Vice President and Board member accumulates additional shares
  • RS – This piqued my¬†curiousity, THB 300 mn purchase by the owner
  • SIRI – The president simply transfers shares into his own name


  • BGH – President offloads THB 100 mn
  • PSAAP – Director offloads a clean THB 40 mn
  • SPI – Director offloads THB 50 mn
  • SIRI – See above