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Stocks in the news (ap, bem, bjc, genco, j, mill, mono, pimo, rojna, tvd) 31.08.16


AP expects to open 12 new projects in 2H16 in total worth Bt25.58bn. This will support 2016 presales to hit its target of Bt31bn. Presales are at Bt14.07bn with backlog of Bt17.06bn, of which it will book Bt8.7bn this year. It is confident that revenue will reach target of Bt23.7bn. (Kao Hoon, 31/08/16)

Comment: One of the few property developers that may show growth next year, some analysts are writing +30% in EPS



BEM expects 4Q16 to be good, supported by more than Bt3.6bn in revenue from Sriratch expressway and Purple Line, with 2016 revenue of Bt13.1bn. It expects profit growth of no less than 9%. It expects no effect from the fare reduction for the Purple Line as it is offset by a steady increase in passenger volume. (Thun Hoon, 31/08/16)


BJC cut its 2016 revenue target growth to 7-9% in response to lower sales. However, it expects profit to increase from a change in is sales strategy . (Kao Hoon, 31/08/16)

Comment: Metro in VN looks exactly like MAKRO, regardless the story for BJC is all around BIGC



GENCO has set up 2 subsidiaries to prepare to build a 9.9MW power plant. (Kao Hoon, 31/08/16)


J expects 2H16 continue to grow supported by booking more revenue. It targets 2016 revenue growth of 30%. It has budgeted Bt1bn to develop projects at Srinakarin worth more than Bt600mn and land acquisition which expects to open at the end of the year. It plans to set up an REIT worth Bt500mn next year. (Kao Hoon, 31/08/16)

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Stocks in the news (ajd, asefa, bjchi, brr, css, fsmart, gl, hpt, ifec, ihl, ilink, ps, ptg, ptt, seafco, super, tacc, thai, tvd, wha, work) 16.08.16

AJD reported 2Q16 net profit of Bt126.59mn on higher sales at a subsidiary and implementing cost control. It expects 2016 revenue to grow 10-15% from last year backed by transfers. (Thun Hoon, 16/08/16)
ASEFA expects 2016 revenue to grow 20% backed by mega projects with backlog of Bt1.8bn, of which 60% is expected to be booked this year. (Khao Hoon, 16/08/16)
BJCHI posted 2Q16 revenue of Bt1.76bn with Bt191.71mn net profit. It expects 2016 revenue to grow 15% backed by backlog of Bt3.1bn. (Thun Hoon, 16/08/16)
BRR expects to benefit from the good outlook for sugar. It expects 2H16 earnings to be good. It expects crop to amount to 2.5mn tons of sugar cane backed by efficient cultivation. It reported 2Q16 net profit of Bt41.5mn. (Thun Hoon, 16/08/16)
Comment: Effectively every sugar company has the same story, I do wonder if we will see a consolidation phase 
CSS expects 2H16 earnings to be good backed by the telecom business. It expects 2016 revenue to reach Bt5bn or 10% growth as targeted. It will pay a dividend of Bt0.06/share, XD on Aug 23. (Khao Hoon, 16/08/16)
FSMART expects 3Q16 revenue to grow 40% backed by expansion in Boon Term Top Up machines. It is talking to BBL, BAY, SCB, and KBANK in order to provide transfer service, expects to sign a contract with one bank at the end of this year. (Khao Hoon, 16/08/16)
Comment: I do now wonder what is the next step for FSMART with their top up machines, how many additional services can they add to this channel?

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Interview: TV Direct Plc (TVD)

Note: This will be the second last Company Interview in the Bangkok Post as, after 9 years, they’ve decided to discontinue publishing them. Together with ShareInvestor we are still figuring out what avenues/channels are best to use in the future, so until then we may not be publishing any new interviews…which is a shame.

TV Direct tunes in to more sales channels

TV Direct Plc (TVD), Thailand’s first TV shopping business, listed on the Market for Alternative Investment in August 2012. Yuvaboon Khamwangyang, director of the management committee, discusses the company’s strategy and outlook.


Mr Yuvaboon says he aims to strengthen TVD’s multi-screen model.

Please explain the history of TVD.

TVD was the first company to start selling products on television 17 years ago. At the time the concept was new and we started with direct-response TV (DRTV), buying media time from the free TV channels 3, 5, 7 and 9. We advertised sports and fitness products, demonstrating how they worked and their benefits and inviting interested people to contact our call centre to order.

In the first few years we saw tremendous growth, both from the two-minute promotional format and from the 30-minute format that featured full product demonstrations with a focus on the products’ health benefits and not just the brand. We have been expanding ever since and have become a publicly listed company as we continue to see vast opportunities within Thailand.

What is TVD’s business model today?

We launched our new “multi-screen” business model last year with three categories: direct, online and retail shopping. Direct Shopping encompasses multiple segments including DRTV, infomercials, three satellite TV channels, direct response print (a monthly catalogue sent to customers and partnerships with credit-card companies), and an outbound call centre that alerts customers about new products, promotions and campaigns.

Online Shopping is a key category we have been expanding since last year as there is a shift to more mobile and online viewing. Thus we have our website, mobile applications, microsites dedicated to specific brands or products, social marketing and a marketplace where we sell our products on other e-commerce platforms.

Finally, our Retail Shopping business has 72 TV Direct Showcase locations throughout the country. We also have brand outlets as we are exclusive distributors for brands in lingerie and sunglasses, plus wholesale and caravan sales. In total we manage 60,000 orders per month within these three groups.

What products does TVD currently sell and who are your target customers?

We have a broad portfolio that includes fitness and sports, home and living, supplements and beauty, and lifestyle products. Our customer groups vary. For example, the average age of our online customers is under 30 while other channels attract older buyers. The majority of our sales, close to 60%, come from outside of Bangkok.

How does TVD manage its inventory?

The inventory life cycle starts with the selection of the product, at which point our in-house production team begins show production. Then we decide which distribution channel, the timing and target customers for the product in our Direct Shopping group. When we see the product decreasing in popularity we shift it to the Online Shopping group offering additional promotions, and from there it will reach the Retail Shopping group to ensure that we clear out the inventory.

We offer next-day delivery throughout Thailand including as far north as Chiang Rai and as far south as Pattani, as we have improved our last-mile delivery. Today we have one main warehouse, 35 hubs throughout the country, with over 90% of deliveries handled in-house.

TVD’s financial performance has improved recently. What are the reasons for this?

Last year we ended investments in international subsidiaries, realised the losses and provisioned for future losses and damage to inventory, so that we could refocus purely on the Thailand market.

Furthermore, we improved our operations internally by reducing the cancellation rate, which had peaked at 18%, to 11% today. As well, business process re-engineering has helped us shorten turnaround times throughout our operations, allowing us to optimise cost efficiency as a group using a shared-services model managed by our subsidiary TVD Services. Finally, we improved our sales by optimising our sales formats, focusing on product mix and product value rather than sales promotion.

Last year you announced a joint venture with Momo. How is it progressing?

Momo is the largest TV shopping player in Taiwan and has a strong online presence as well. Together we are using one of our licences for a 24-hour Home Shopping TV channel. This JV has been a remarkable success as it combines our local market knowledge with Momo’s expertise and it has been profitable since the first year. Currently the model is consignment only and is already selling more than 60,000 orders per month.

Where do you see TVD five years from now?

Today we oversee close to 130,000 orders sold per month and expect to see this figure continue growing as we continue to strengthen our model. We have built a strong foundation and infrastructure in-house and we aim to continue strengthening the multi-screen model as we expect a continued shift from TV to online.

In addition to this, we have a customer base of 3 million people, and technology now allows us to improve targeted marketing, making us even more efficient with each channel that we use to sell our products.

Source: Bangkok Post

Stocks in the news (bem, epco, gpsc, kiat, ktis, major, npp, samart, sgp, ticon, trc, tvd) 21.07.16

BEM expects 2Q16 earnings to be good supported by expressway and BTS passengers. It expects 2016 revenue to grow 2.1% from last year. (Thun Hoon, 21/07/16)
EPCO announced that it has postponed paying Bt117.50mn for a PP from July 15 to Aug 15, 2016. (Kao Hoon, 21/07/16)
GPSC expects 2Q16 profit to be better than 2Q15’s Bt473mn. It expects 2016 profit to grow supported by booking revenue from IRPC and CP and Navanakorn power plant. It plans to operate 1,922MW within 2019. (Kao Hoon, 21/07/16)
KIAT expects to get a job to transport chemical products. The project is valued at over Bt300mn and it expects to get 50%. It expects 2H16 to be good supported by new jobs worth Bt500mn. It plans to expand its business abroad and focus on the energy business. It expects to finish the deal to acquire a business this year. (Thun Hoon, 21/07/16)
Comment: If that is the case re the new project then it’ll just increase their recurring income to a higher level
KTIS eyes packaging growth – The company’s target is to increase revenue from the bagasse packaging segment to 8% of total revenue from its pulp and sugar waste business to 1.3 billion baht within the next few years, up from the current 4%, he said. (Bangkok Post, 21/07/16)

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Stocks in the news (ba, com7, ea, jmt, ocean, ptt, ratch, sappe, sf, siri, tcap, tmt, tvd, xo) 20.06.16

BA expects 2016 revenue and net profit to mark a record high aided by increasing flights, opening new routes and lower oil price. It is talking to four airlines partner about code sharing and expects to expand to 25 airlines in 2017. It plans to cooperate with Bangkok Hospital to provide ambulance flights this year. (Thun Hoon, 20/06/16)
Comment: Thai Airways, Nok Air, have a look at this management team and learn how to run an airline business properly
COM7 expects 2H16 earnings to be good driven by TRUE shops and iPhone7. It expects 2016 revenue to reach Bt17bn backed by higher sales and revenue contribution from management services. (Thun Hoon, 20/06/16)
Comment: The relationship with True was a positive surprise. Iphone 7 launch in a couple of months, earnings should be rather steady for this company for the next 9 months.
EA says solar farm at Phitsanulok supplies more than 693,000units of electricity. Its capacity is 278MW. It expects 126MW wind power to operate in 3Q16. (Khao Hoon, 20/06/16)
JMT expects to show net profit in 2Q16 from 1Q16 net loss of Bt15mn after extending the booking period to 10 years for acquiring debt. It plans to acquire Bt20bn bad debt from financial institutions. It expects this to boost 2016 revenue by 15%. It plans to expand to Laos and Vietnam. It plans to offer nano-finance in Myanmar in 2017. (Thun Hoon, 20/06/16)
Comment: GL part 2? JMART as a group already has a presence there so entry into that country isn’t an issue 

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Stocks in the news (big, bjc, bkd, ci, epg, hana, ndr, prin, richy, rp, samart, tks, tmill, tpch, trc, tsr, tvd) 27.05.16

BIG expects 2Q16 earnings to be good with high margin of 32.4% backed by the mirrorless camera. It plans to open shops to provide photo printing in June, which will boost its net profit. (Thun Hoon, 27/05/16)
Comment: Their YoY growth numbers do look fantastic, the question then becomes, is it sustainable? What product can they push next to continue this growth or is there a natural limitation before the market becomes saturated.
BJC plans to increase its registered capital and issue debentures to refinance loans and repay bank creditors after acquiring BIGC .  (The Nation, 27/05/16)
Comment: Boom massive recap, more info to come
BKD plans to sell 20 rai of Krungthep Kreetha land. A listed company offered Bt600mn but it is holding out for a price of above Bt700mn as a road is coming that will provide access. (Khao Hoon, 27/05/16)
CI expects 1H16 earnings to be good thanks to property stimulus measures. It expects 2016 revenue of Bt3.15bn backed by transfers and Bt3.4bn in new projects. It expects this to increase its backlog from Bt3bn, covering revenue through 2018. (Thun Hoon, 27/05/16)
EPG expects to report FY2016 earnings today. It expects net profit to be higher than Bt1.5bn, 140% growth, backed by large orders for every business. (Khao Hoon, 27/05/16)

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Stocks in the news (aav, ap, bkd, bts, jmart, ori, ptt, seafco, smt, spali, synex, tfg, tpoly, ttcl, tvd, wha) 24.05.16

AAV expects 2Q16 earnings continue to be good supported by passenger growth and lower oil price. It plans to open four new routes. In 1Q16 earnings was over Bt1bn due to high season. (Thun Hoon, 24/5/16)
AP launched two new condominiums valued at Bt3.64bn. Presales will be held on June 4-5. It targets presales of Bt1.5bn. More than 3,000 customers have registered. (Kao Hoon, 24/5/16)
BKD is confident that 2Q16 earnings will continue to grow. It expects to increase its target revenue growth from 20% in 2H16. It has backlog of Bt1.57bn and will book 76% this year. It will bid for new jobs valued at more than Bt3bn and expects to 40-50% of its bids. (Kao Hoon, 24/5/16)
BTS Group buys 46 trains for Bt11bn. BTSC has signed a contract to buy 46 new trains worth 11 billion baht from Siemens AG and CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles. The contract provides 46 trains from the two firms, with four cars per train, to be used for the Green Line extension. The money will come from cash flow and loans. It plans to big for the upcoming Pink and Orange lines in the form of public-private partnership. It has a healthy financial position with Bt12bn worth of cash on hand and a low D/E of 0.28, management said.
Comment: Good luck trying to understand their balance sheet, it looks a bit like an investment company versus a pure transit play. 
JMART expects 2Q16 earnings to grow as consumer purchasing power recovers. It is confident that 2016 revenue and profit will grow, supported by 3G and 4G. (Kao Hoon, 24/5/16)
Comment: Given how poor the phone industry has been they’ve done an ok job but still don’t believe in the turnaround in the market.

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Stocks in the news (ccp, ecf, gold, nch, ptg, sappe, super, stec, tmill, tpch, tsr, tvd, tvo, vng, xo) 08.02.16

CCP expects public projects to fill its backlog this year after orders for motorway projects are added to its backlog. It expects to get private projects, which will increase its gross margin to 5%. It expects the Thai-China dual-track project to progress. (Thun Hoon, 08/02/16)

ECF expects solar farm ECF-Tamado Energy GK in Japan to contribute revenue soon after operational startup. For the furniture business, it expects to expand its market at home and abroad by increasing distribution channels. It expects revenue from its core business to grow 10- 12%. For its retail business, 100 Yen Can do, It plans to open booths in 10 department stores. (Thun Hoon, 08/02/16)

GOLD plans to set up Bt10bn REIT, selling Sathorn Square and Park Venture into it. It expects a decision to be made by 1Q16. It expects this to gain Bt4.5bn in cash. It expects its FYI office center to contribute Bt631mn in revenue in this year. (Thun Hoon, 08/02/16)
Comment: That’s slightly inaccurate reporting, it’s UV and GOLD together setting up a REIT and it should be completed shortly.

NCH expects 1Q16 earnings to be good, backed by property incentives. It targets 2016 revenue of Bt2bn driven by transfers. It plans to launch a Bt2bn new project. (Thun Hoon, 08/02/16)
Comment: Arguably this is the last decent quarter that developers may show profit wise for the year, although given that pre-sale launches were minimal over the past 2 years since the coup, some are betting that we’ll begin to see huge presale #’s this year.

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Stocks in the news (ckp, dna, fvc, net, mono, npp, snc, spcg, sutha, synex, trc, tvd) 05.02.16

CKP expects 4Q15 earnings to mark new high of Bt220mn to bring 2015 profit to Bt470mn. (Khao Hoon, 05/02/16)
Comment: All part of the company’s plans since their IPO a few years back
DNA expects to wipe out retained losses of Bt219.31mn within two years and restructure its business organization to focus on the power business. It expects 2016 earnings to turn around backed by a Bt100mn water management project and sport contents business. (Thun Hoon, 05/02/16)
Comment: The owner has privately joked many a time that he’s made more $ on the stock price than he has with the business, would you want to invest in a company like this?
FVC expects robust revenue of Bt400mn in 2016. It has budgeted Bt100mn to invest in two dialysis centers. It expects this to contribute Bt70mn revenue each year. It is confident 2016 net margin will be higher than last year. (Thun Hoon, 05/02/16)
NET expects to get Bt20bn project to set up networks in villages. It expects to benefit from 4G. It expects 2016 performance to be good aided by launching new product lines, focus on data centers, and expand to CLMV. (Thun Hoon, 05/02/16)

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Stocks in the news (akr, ap, arrow, bigc, com7, cpr, daii, gunkul, inet, kc, mfec, pttep, sappe, scc, seafco, super, trc, tse, tu, tvd) 17.12.15

AKR expects 2016 revenue to reach a new high of Bt3.2bn backed by a 20MW solar farm in a government unit. It expects revenue from solar farms to comprise of 35% of total revenue from 10% this year. It plans to take part in bidding for the Bt4bn electric transformer project next year. (Thun Hoon, 17/12/15)
Comment: Well…not interested in this company, there are better options out there in the market

AP expects 4Q15 revenue to reach new high at Bt7.5bn with Bt900mn in net profit. (Khao Hoon, 17/12/15)

ARROW expects 4Q15 net profit to be good backed by economic recovery. It expects 2015 revenue to reach target of Bt1.2bn after 9M15 net profit hit a new high of Bt183mn. It plans to set up new plants in 2016 because of lower raw material price. (Thun Hoon, 17/12/15)
Comment: They have continued to benefit from the expansion of condominiums, warehouses and now potentially infrastructure in Thailand

BIGC plans to open many new stores next year: 6 hypermarkets, 3 BIGC markets, and 75 mini BIGC. It plans to set up an REIT. (Khao Hoon, 17/12/15)

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