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Top perfomers in 2013

These were the top 10 performing stocks for 2013, I normally like to do this and see what I missed, why I missed them, should I have missed them?

Its good to kick your own butt everyone once in a while

 top 10 2013

Star (MAI)

Business: The Company is a manufacturer and distributor of sanitaryware products under the trademark of STAR for domestic and export sale.

Thoughts: It had losses for 2012 but a decent 2011, quite happy to have missed this one


Business: The Company is a leading developer, producer, and distributor of sports and entertainment products such as dartboards, pool tables, soccer tables, and fireball tables under Medalist trademark to Japan, Taiwan, and Australia.

Thoughts: Niche business, no scalability, with continuous losses, quite happy to have missed this one


Business: The Company is the manufacturer and distributor of Discrete Semiconductor- Wafer/Dice and Diodes. EIC’s Wafer are both Open Junction Wafer and Glass Passivated Processed Wafer. EIC’s Diodes are included Rectifier Diodes, Zener Diodes, Switching Diodes and Transient Voltage Supressor Diodes.

Thoughts: Ehhh….  Continue reading Top perfomers in 2013